I am starting to feel like there isn't anything exciting going on in our lives.  Of course, that isn't necessarily a bad thing after all of the "excitement" of the last few weeks.  We had a great weekend with my dad--the boys particularly enjoyed 'getting' my dad which involved my dad sitting on the floor and the boys running full force from across the room and hurdling themselves at him.  They had a blast and yesterday when my mom was talking to my dad on the phone they asked him if they could 'get' him.  It was really sweet and I love that they had so much fun with him.  It was nice to go to church on Sunday and see so many people who had been faithfully praying for us. It was a great service and we were thrilled to be back.

The last two days we have spent time playing outside for a little bit in the morning. I have watched my mom work in our garden and flower bed. It has been hard for me to have to watch others do so much for me, but I know that it is only for a time and that before I know it, life will be back to normal for us.  Speaking of our garden, it weathered our absence really well.  I am so excited about the fresh veggies that we are going to have.  My pepper plants are doing well and I already have some small peppers.  Our tomatoes are huge!!  We have 3 Roma tomato plants and 2 regular tomatoes and we have a TON of tomatoes on there already.  Our cantaloupe vines have tons of blooms and we even had a few green beans.   Mom planted a few more green bean plants for us this morning, so hopefully we will get even more of those.  

Micah went to OSU this morning for some financial aid counseling and got measured for his white coat. It is very exciting for both of us as we anticipate the beginning of med school this fall.  I know that it will be difficult and a challenge in different ways for both of us, but it is also a beginning of a new phase in our lives and we are ready for it.

We have slowly been deprogramming the boys from their almost 3 weeks with grandparents and very few rules.  They seem to be coming down off of it finally--praise be!  It has definitely been an adjustment, but they seem to be realizing once again that they have to eat their vegetables and that they don't get whatever they want just because they want it. :)


listgirl said…
Hi Becky! Sometimes nothing exciting is the best thing ever! Enjoy your time with your parents and the rest. Life is fast by default.
LaCombe said…
Relax and enjoy watching others do things for you. God loves a cheerful giver and a reciever as well. It is so nice to have loved ones want to take care of us, so enjoy, if only for a little while, for you will be back to full time mommy and wife again! Still praying for your full recovery and your next surgery. Love and Prayers, Kathy
April M. said…
Though I wish it could be more, my thoughts and prayers will continue for you and your guys!
What wonderful memories your boys will have of this time with the grands. Sadly, Katie, our 11 yr old, hasn't had any grandparents since she was 8. I hate that she is missing that "grand" relationship. You sound like you are doing fabulously!

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