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Miscellaneous thoughts

One really fun thing about having twins is watching the special relationship that develops as they grow older.  When the boys were little, I was somewhat obsessed with talking to every set of twins that I knew to determine the secret of them becoming the best of friends.  As they have gotten older and I have seen how much they play together and really do love each other, I have become less concerned about it because I can see how it is happening naturally.  Yesterday at library storytime, there was a younger girl who was walking around being somewhat unruly and she kind of tapped William on the head.  Xavier looked horrified and looked up at me and said, "that baby just hit my Winnum on the head!" and proceeded to repeat it over and over again.  William was clearly uninjured in the whole deal, but it was very sweet how much that affected Xavier.  Of course, that didn't keep Xavier from completely pushing and shoving William later in the day when he had something that Xav…

Tuesday's To Do List

Have a quiet timeWrite thank you notesRead to my boysGo to library story time (and get new books to read!)Drop things off at GoodwillSpend some time reading for meScrap a layoutMake a menuGrocery shop (ugh!)Take some new pictures and video of the boysMy life is brimming with excitement!  We are in the last couple of weeks before Micah heads off to school and so he has been working to get things ready for me to take over his job as well as finishing things up around the house which we have decided is a never ending job.  We have lived here for almost two years and still there are things to be done.  And last night, we were getting ready to head out to Target to fill a prescription and our garage door wouldn't open.  Apparently, the spring and cables or something have broken and so will also be calling a garage door repairman today and hoping that it isn't too drastic.


I am feeling pretty exhausted this morning after a very busy weekend.  For the most part, I have discovered that Micah and I are pretty much homebodies. We like to have people over and we like to socialize, but we like to be home.  This weekend was just busy with lots of activities and so I am feeling the need to recuperate a little this morning.  
On Friday afternoon, our friends who we have been playing games with came over and I taught Kim about digital scrapbooking and Micah and Kyle watched a movie, then we played Catan again.  It made me feel like we were back in France with our good friends Connie and Chris because we would spend afternoons at their house visiting, playing games, just hanging out together.  It was lots of fun.  Saturday morning, we went to our nephew's T-ball game and I decided that at some level, sports for kids that age (4) are more about the parents being happy their kids are in a sport than it is about the kids wanting to be there.  Granted, it was hot, …

Garden in the City

So, yesterday morning, I loaded up the boys and we met up with our friends from church to see a large garden in the city.  I don't really know how to describe this place.  I couldn't believe all of the vegetables this woman was growing.  Her yard has been completely transformed into a garden.  From the street to her front door is covered in pumpkin and gourd vines, pepper plants, tomatoes, corn, and other vegetables.  Then, we went to her back yard which was also covered from her back door to the fence in cucumbers, carrots, beets, broccoli, leeks, asparagus, cabbage, and I can't even remember everything.  The boys really did have a good time.  William especially seemed to get into it.  And you will be able to see from the pictures that they really enjoyed it and when we got in the car to leave, Xavier said, "wow, that was fun!"  Of course, we took tons of pictures and after editing them, I decided that the boys seriously need new hats, because I am not loving th…

"mommy, you're my best friend!"

Now, those are some words that warm your heart!  That is what William said to me last night as we were standing in line at the Sno-cone place.  I don't know where he has heard that, but it was just too sweet.  
After seeming like we have had nothing going on, we managed to have a fairly busy day yesterday. I finally made it to the library's storytime for the first time this summer.  We have been going to the library pretty regularly for the past month or so, but have never made to the actual storytime for their age.  It is so much better than the one for the 0-2 year olds.  I think that is why I had never really taken them, because it seemed like a lot of work getting them out of the house and corralled for only like 10 minutes of storytime.  But this one lasted like 30 minutes and they did songs, and read stories and had lots of fun, so we will be going back.  They were so good at the library obeying and being quiet when we were actually in the library that I decided to chance…
I am not sure where our week is going because I am having a hard time believing that it is already Wednesday morning.  Last week's attempt at getting back to a routine was pretty laughable since I started the laundry on Wednesday and didn't finish all of the folding until Monday morning.  I am going to try to be better about that this week and today's goal is to have all the laundry washed and put away before I climb into bed.  I have been able to get back into my routine of getting up early, having my coffee and quiet time and a little bit of computer time before the rest of the house wakes up.  
I am feeling like there isn't much to blog about these days, but the boys have been making us laugh a lot, so I thought I could share some stories: Yesterday, William was showing me his dinosaur and I asked him if he liked his dinosaur and he responded by saying, "yeah! he's a good guy!"I think I have mentioned their play acting before, but they seriously crack me…

Happy Sunday

Where did this week disappear to?  I don't even know where to begin.  I feel like I was pretty much dragging all week after Tuesday's night of not so much sleep.  Our big events included going to the new Walmart Neighborhood Market that just opened literally right around the corner from our house.  I was pretty excited about this event because Walmart in Owasso is always so busy and the parking lot is crazy and what could be better than actually being able to walk to the grocery store?  So, the boys and I loaded up for a big exciting trip to check it out.  The boys were thrilled to get to drink Coke at 10:30 in the morning (I must have been insane!) and they kept saying/yelling "I LOVE this new Walmart!"  We got stopped by at least three older grandmothers telling me about their twin grandchildren.  It wasn't a very successful trip to the grocery store apart from the fact that it gave us something to do. I have just decided that it is way too hard to shop with th…


I didn't sleep well on Monday night which meant that I was seriously dragging all day yesterday.  We had some new friends over for dinner last night which was lots of fun and then we stayed up way past my bedtime playing Cities and Knights a Settlers of Catan expansion that I love to play and it has been a really long time since we have played with friends. And I won, so that is always fun!  Then, I am still feeling pretty dragged out tired this morning.  Two cups of coffee are finally starting to kick in and I am trying to motivate myself to get up and get the kitchen cleaned up and the laundry started (so as to get back into my routine!).
I am boring myself with this blog post, so I am just going to quit.  I did find this new website that is put together by the Pioneer Woman called Tasty Kitchen and it looks like it will be lots of fun and all kinds of good eating!  
Since it has taken me about 30 minutes to write very few words, I am going to close and say Happy Wednesday!

Return of the routine?

I put a question mark in the title because although getting back a routine is our goal, I can't guarantee that we will be able to dive right back in.  One would think that being nearly 6 weeks post-op, I would be well back into my routine, but since this will be our first week by ourselves, I am sure that there will be adjustments to be made.  It is so good to have Micah back home. He had a great trip with the students out to Colorado and made some good relationships with others from the church, but we are all so glad to have him back with us.  
We didn't have a very exciting weekend.  We basically stayed in all day on Saturday which was wonderful. The boys played, I scrapped, read, and basically just stayed very low key all day.  Micah got home late Saturday night after we were all in bed, then we had church yesterday and that brings us to Monday morning!  
Today, I need to run some errands, get the house back together from our weekend of doing nothing and help the boys remembe…


After having such a houseful of people the last few days, our house has seemed very quiet.  Of course, the boys do their best to keep it full of noise and I have discovered that watching Kung-Fu Panda doesn't do much to keep things calm around here.  We have arguing over who is going to be the orange tiger and lots of karate kicking!  The world of boys--it's a noisy thing.
I have been enjoying some very special time with my computer and Photoshop Elements which will be evidenced by the layouts I got done and the fact that I feel caught up to speed on all things happening in the world of everyone whose blogs I read.  But, I miss my mom.  I kind of got used to her being her and having someone to talk to and motivate me to keep the house picked up all the time.  I think that the boys are missing her as well--when I put them down for their naps and bedtime, they want to know "where's grandma?  she go home to Pa-pa?"  
The boys have been making me laugh so hard lately--…

Sweet Friends

Let me begin by apologizing for the quality of the pictures, but I just quickly imported them to my computer and made them small enough to add to the blog.  We had so much fun with our friends, it was just precious to have a couple of days visiting with them.  The boys were in heaven.  We had quite the full house because Chris and Connie have 5 children plus their niece was traveling with them, so we had 8 children ages 10 and under in our house, plus three adults--it was a party, let me tell you!  They left early this morning and the boys woke up asking "where our kids were?" and are now sitting on the couch watching a little show.  We are getting ready to go have a little playdate with some friends from church at Bounce U where they have all the big blow up games.  That should get them officially worn out for naps this afternoon.  Connie and I stayed up until 2 this morning laughing, talking, crying together.  We have such a precious friendship and I was so thankful that t…

I haven't fallen off the planet

So, I have fallen off the blog bandwagon for the last few days.   I have just stayed busy with the holidays and with my mom being here that I haven't taken time to post.  We are doing really well. I have decided that it has taken me about four weeks to recover from my surgery and since tomorrow marks week 5, I feel like I am doing really well.  My mom has been an invaluable help and I really can't thank her enough.  Sadly, she will be leaving me tomorrow, and I really hope and pray that this is the last time that she has to come and take care of me while I am sick/recovering from surgery.  I feel more than blessed that I have such a wonderful mom who is so willing to come and to help and to have a dad who is so willing to give up his wife for so much time.  Mom and I have shared a very sweet visit as always and I will treasure these memories with her.  
So, here is a little update on what we are up to these days: Micah is in Loveland, CO with our church's youth group on a mi…

Picking blackberries

This morning, mom and I headed out the door at 6:45 to pick blackberries at the farm where we picked last year and that crop had produced this yummy-ness: So, as you can imagine, we were eager to recreate the memory!  The farm opened at 7 and we arrived just before then and there were already a few people there.  We got our buckets and gloves and marched down to where they had told us to start picking and we were a bit disappointed this year.  We were only planning on staying for about 30-45 minutes because we had a playdate, but we had assumed that it would only take us that long to gather quite the crop since last year, the berries were so plenteous.  Well,  this year we were a bit disappointed with the actual having to search for the good berries.  Last year, we had been amazed at how easy it was to find the big juicy ripe berries.  This year, we definitely had to pick and choose and only at the end did we find some plants that were a bit reminiscent of last year's fun.  We stil…