I am feeling pretty exhausted this morning after a very busy weekend.  For the most part, I have discovered that Micah and I are pretty much homebodies. We like to have people over and we like to socialize, but we like to be home.  This weekend was just busy with lots of activities and so I am feeling the need to recuperate a little this morning.  

On Friday afternoon, our friends who we have been playing games with came over and I taught Kim about digital scrapbooking and Micah and Kyle watched a movie, then we played Catan again.  It made me feel like we were back in France with our good friends Connie and Chris because we would spend afternoons at their house visiting, playing games, just hanging out together.  It was lots of fun.  Saturday morning, we went to our nephew's T-ball game and I decided that at some level, sports for kids that age (4) are more about the parents being happy their kids are in a sport than it is about the kids wanting to be there.  Granted, it was hot, but for the most part, it seemed like all of the parents had to cajole their kids to even go out on the field and then they didn't seem to have a clue what they were doing once they got out there.  Then, we went for an early dinner to celebrate my sister in law's birthday at Red Lobster where the boys had "catfish" (or popcorn shrimp since there was no catfish on the kids menu!), then we headed to a birthday party that was a swim party where the boys acted completely petrified of the water.  They really like walking around the edge of the pool and finding toys to throw in the pool.  By the end, they did get in the pool and sat on a step and acted like they enjoyed it, but I think that we need to get them around some more water so they aren't so scared.  

Yesterday was church, then I spent the afternoon making homemade ice cream--blackberry and chocolate--for a Sunday School dinner last night.  We had a lot of fun at the dinner, but it was close to 10 pm when we got home and that brings us to Monday morning.  Whew! 

I think the highlight of the weekend for me was when we were at dinner on Saturday, William leaned over and gave me a hug and said, "mommy, you're my baby doll!!"  I have said that to him since he was a teeny tiny baby and it was just too sweet!

Happy Monday!


listgirl said…
Your weekend did sound exhausting, but also a lot of fun! Hanging out with friends both energizes me and tires me out, LOL.
LaCombe said…
What a weekend, but an enjoyable one as well, I am sure! I am just about ready for our move on the 4th, and I too am exhausted, but would much rather be exhaused your way.Prayers and Love, Kathy
Becky, I'm a silent lurker/reader of your blog... I get the notification of your updates in my RSS feeder and I stop by to read your posts. I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your posts... though this one wore me out! You are a delight pray for and fellowship with, even if it is through the url of a blogsite. God is good and He ministers through it all. Thank you for being open about the big and the small, the mundane and the busy. He is in it all. I appreciate the authenticity. He speaks to me through you.

Praying for you, Micah, and your boys!

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