Garden in the City

So, yesterday morning, I loaded up the boys and we met up with our friends from church to see a large garden in the city.  I don't really know how to describe this place.  I couldn't believe all of the vegetables this woman was growing.  Her yard has been completely transformed into a garden.  From the street to her front door is covered in pumpkin and gourd vines, pepper plants, tomatoes, corn, and other vegetables.  Then, we went to her back yard which was also covered from her back door to the fence in cucumbers, carrots, beets, broccoli, leeks, asparagus, cabbage, and I can't even remember everything.  The boys really did have a good time.  William especially seemed to get into it.  And you will be able to see from the pictures that they really enjoyed it and when we got in the car to leave, Xavier said, "wow, that was fun!"  Of course, we took tons of pictures and after editing them, I decided that the boys seriously need new hats, because I am not loving the Tulsa Zoo commercials on their heads! :)
Xavier's first carrot
William and his carrot
Bella picking a tomato--don't you love her curly hair?
William picking cherry tomatoes
William with a Japanese eggplant and Xavier with butternut squash
Miss Nancy showing William what to pick
Check out that smile!! William was so excited about his pepper.
Xavier and his leek
the bounty!

She was so kind and let us divide what we had picked and take home with us and so last night for dinner, we had carrot sticks, beet sticks (which only William loved), little bits of broccoli (which were really bitter), cucumber slices, and tomatoes.  The boys were really good to try everything and were excited that they had picked it themselves.  

Micah spent all day yesterday working on cleaning out the garage and attic space, cleaning the gutters and working on the house.  He is trying to get a lot of stuff done around the house before school starts since he is expecting to have little time for that kind of thing.  Last night, our friends who live here in Owasso came over to play games after the boys went to bed. So, we stayed up way too late, but we had a great time.  Today, I need to finish cleaning the house and do some grocery shopping.

Happy Friday!


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