Happy Sunday

Where did this week disappear to?  I don't even know where to begin.  I feel like I was pretty much dragging all week after Tuesday's night of not so much sleep.  Our big events included going to the new Walmart Neighborhood Market that just opened literally right around the corner from our house.  I was pretty excited about this event because Walmart in Owasso is always so busy and the parking lot is crazy and what could be better than actually being able to walk to the grocery store?  So, the boys and I loaded up for a big exciting trip to check it out.  The boys were thrilled to get to drink Coke at 10:30 in the morning (I must have been insane!) and they kept saying/yelling "I LOVE this new Walmart!"  We got stopped by at least three older grandmothers telling me about their twin grandchildren.  It wasn't a very successful trip to the grocery store apart from the fact that it gave us something to do. I have just decided that it is way too hard to shop with the boys right now.  With my not being able to lift them up and strap them in, they just pull me in way too many directions, and I have trouble just keeping up with them much less actually accomplishing getting groceries into my cart and out to the car.  So, it was much more of a recreational thing.  

We have finally had some cooler weather that isn't in the upper 90s or triple digits, so we have spent more time playing outside.  I have to remember to get some pictures or video of the boys playing hop skotch, because it is hilarious!  Friday morning, Micah's mom came and picked up the boys and took them to see a movie and to lunch and so I was able to spend a couple of hours getting the house clean without the distraction of the boys.  Yesterday morning, the girls in my Sunday School class and some other ladies from church threw me a little lingerie shower to celebrate my recent surgery and so that was a lot of fun.  It was so sweet of them and I think that we all laughed A LOT.

I have been doing a lot of personal reflecting on my post reconstruction body and that has made for an interesting week.  I have tried typing it out, but am not quite to the point that I want to share it yet.  Although I did do a layout this week (you can see it below) with quite a bit of journaling that I did before we left New York which, I am sure, has also caused some introspection.  And to top it all off, we have had two men from our church who were diagnosed with cancer in the last week and we have just found ourselves over and over frustrated and angry at the fact that cancer exists.  We just hate it so much and what a diagnosis can do to a family and so I have found myself spending a lot of time just talking to the Lord about it--not so much the stopping everything and praying, but just a lot of talking while I am cleaning, cooking, walking to another room, I feel like it has just been a lot of continual, "okay, Lord, I know in my head, but my heart doesn't understand."  Maybe that is why I have been kind of silent on the blog front this week....I am still working through it, trusting, but still working through it.

Here are some layouts that I got done this week too:


Amy said…
Thanks for your honesty, Becky. It is so hard to not ask "why" about so many things in this world. I'm so glad we can lean on our God and trust that He's holding us in His hand. I wish I were closer so I could help you out with the boys right now. I can't wait until my visit next month. You have got to teach me how to scrap...your pages are so pretty! I think it was so sweet for your friends to give you a lingerie party...wish I could have been there to laugh along with you. Hope you have a good week. Love you!
listgirl said…
That is really sweet of your friends to throw a lingerie shower for you! I love your layout about reconstruction. God made us multi-faceted, so we are not just defined by our physical parts. That doesn't mean that we don't want to feel healthy and whole. I'm sure it is a very complicated analysis in your mind. The existence of cancer is really hard for me to understand too. It is just one of many things that I don't understand, but trust God knows what he's doing. Nothing is perfect until we get to heaven.
LaCombe said…
I too wish I could have been at the lingerie party.That would have been fun, like a new beginning, a wedding shower. I too have been doing a lot of talking with God everywhere I go. Our move is coming soon, but not without some new direction that God has placed on us. We will listen, obey and follow, for it is his Agenda and his plan. Love and Prayers, Kathy

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