I haven't fallen off the planet

So, I have fallen off the blog bandwagon for the last few days.   I have just stayed busy with the holidays and with my mom being here that I haven't taken time to post.  We are doing really well. I have decided that it has taken me about four weeks to recover from my surgery and since tomorrow marks week 5, I feel like I am doing really well.  My mom has been an invaluable help and I really can't thank her enough.  Sadly, she will be leaving me tomorrow, and I really hope and pray that this is the last time that she has to come and take care of me while I am sick/recovering from surgery.  I feel more than blessed that I have such a wonderful mom who is so willing to come and to help and to have a dad who is so willing to give up his wife for so much time.  Mom and I have shared a very sweet visit as always and I will treasure these memories with her.  

So, here is a little update on what we are up to these days:
  • Micah is in Loveland, CO with our church's youth group on a mission trip--he left last Sunday and will be back on Saturday
  • This afternoon, some very dear friends of ours from our time in France are stopping by for a couple of days on their way back to Georgia.  Micah is so sad to miss seeing Chris and Connie and their kids, but I am ecstatic to have them come for a visit.
  • The boys are well on their way to be officially potty trained--they have done so well since we have been home and have been telling us when they need to go potty--we haven't had any real accidents in almost three weeks, so woohoo (insert picture of me jumping for joy!)
  • Our sweet neighbor across the street shared her flowers with us, so mom and the boys spent a morning this week planting flowers.  I wasn't completely useless because I managed to trim our out of control lavender plants.
  • Our garden is growing like crazy--mom thinks that we can watch the cantaloupe grow right in front of our eyes.  I am a bit worried about our tomatoes, I think we might have some sort of issue with them.  
  • My father in law had a heart catheterization done this morning and we are praising the Lord that he received an excellent report.  
  • Mom and I also hemmed the curtains in my bedroom yesterday (well, mom the actual sewing--I just kind of watched!) and after 3 1/2 years, I might actually finish the boys' John Deere quilts that I started before I was put on bedrest when I was pregnant.
  • We have shared lots of laughs at the boys, taken lots of walks, and made lots of mac n cheese!
Hopefully, I can get back on the blog bandwagon this weekend.  I feel like I have lots of posts to write, but haven't found the time to get the thoughts out on the screen!


Anonymous said…
Wish I could have been a little mouse and enjoyed your time together with you.
We worshiped with your grandma and grandpa Hale last Sunday and had a wonderful meal with them afterwards. They are coming by tomorrow evening and I'm hoping to fix them a sandwich--tomato bacon, with our first tomatoes!!
I always enjoy your blogs. Love, GMA Elledge
LaCombe said…
I am so happy you are back. I love reading how yu and the family are doing! so glad you got to spend so much time with my mom, and makes me think I really need to make a trip to Mich. to see my mom. When is your next surgery and is it also in NY? Keep up the posts, I missed them. Love and Prayers, Kathy
There is nothing like time with your Mother. She must be an angel.
listgirl said…
Well, since you've been living a full and fun life, I guess I'll overlook the non-blogging... Hee hee. I can't believe it's been four weeks since your surgery already. I'm so glad you are doing well.
renee82 said…
I'm so happy that you're enjoying your time with your mom. I love spending time with mom. So happy to hear that the boys are doing well with potty training. It takes so much patience, so good for you and the boys! Take care my dear!

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