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One really fun thing about having twins is watching the special relationship that develops as they grow older.  When the boys were little, I was somewhat obsessed with talking to every set of twins that I knew to determine the secret of them becoming the best of friends.  As they have gotten older and I have seen how much they play together and really do love each other, I have become less concerned about it because I can see how it is happening naturally.  Yesterday at library storytime, there was a younger girl who was walking around being somewhat unruly and she kind of tapped William on the head.  Xavier looked horrified and looked up at me and said, "that baby just hit my Winnum on the head!" and proceeded to repeat it over and over again.  William was clearly uninjured in the whole deal, but it was very sweet how much that affected Xavier.  Of course, that didn't keep Xavier from completely pushing and shoving William later in the day when he had something that Xavier wanted! 

Yesterday, I spent some time writing thank you notes to all of the women who were at my shower a couple of weeks ago.  As I was writing, I was thinking what a blessing it is to have so many good women in my life.  Living in Oklahoma, I have at times felt very isolated from my friends.  I have been blessed throughout my adult life with some exceptionally special friendships for which I am eternally grateful.  But, since we have moved to Oklahoma, I feel like I have made friends, but not like some of my super close girlfriends who live in other cities.  So, as I was writing, I was reflecting on my friendship with each woman and how each of them have really impacted my life in different ways and I am so thankful that God has placed each one in my life.  Deep friendships often take time to develop and I have been more blessed than many in the fact that I count several women in my close circle of friends.  And I look forward to how the Lord will deepen and enrich these friendships that are just beginning. 

Speaking of friends, I think that I have mentioned playing games with some friends from here in Owasso recently.  They came over again last night and we stayed up way too late playing a game called Settlers of Catan.  We have had so much fun hanging out with them.  They don't have kids yet and we have been completely reminded of days when we were in language school in France and we didn't have kids yet and we became friends with another couple who had 3 boys and we would go to their house after their boys went to bed and stay up way too late playing Catan and talking.  Anyway, it has been a blessing to us to play games, to drink coffee, and to connect with others who are passionate about the Lord.

So, I didn't finish my entire to do list yesterday, but I got the majority of it done, so I felt good about that.  This is a page I did on Monday of William when he was a tiny little baby!


listgirl said…
I totally agree about the deep friendship thing. It takes a long time to develop when we get older. I don't have very many deep close friendships, just a couple.
LaCombe said…
I have moved so often, but always seem to make very good friendships, but nothing like my high school best friend that still keeps in touch with me, but beautiful friendships that I always have to leave behind when I move, but always keep in touch.I have made beautiful friendships at TDF and it is going to be like leaving my family, which we left behind many many years ago, and to us our Church is our family and they will truely be missed.You are one of my most treasured friendships that God put into my life and I truely hope we can get together soon. Love and Prayers, Kathy
Melissa said…
I love the page of William!!
Beautiful layout -- Comming in from Eva's team and now subbed to a fellow CTers blog :D :D
Twins are pretty awesome .. I actually wrote a post about "my" twins (nieces the other day on their 14th!! Bday)

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