"mommy, you're my best friend!"

Now, those are some words that warm your heart!  That is what William said to me last night as we were standing in line at the Sno-cone place.  I don't know where he has heard that, but it was just too sweet.  

After seeming like we have had nothing going on, we managed to have a fairly busy day yesterday. I finally made it to the library's storytime for the first time this summer.  We have been going to the library pretty regularly for the past month or so, but have never made to the actual storytime for their age.  It is so much better than the one for the 0-2 year olds.  I think that is why I had never really taken them, because it seemed like a lot of work getting them out of the house and corralled for only like 10 minutes of storytime.  But this one lasted like 30 minutes and they did songs, and read stories and had lots of fun, so we will be going back.  They were so good at the library obeying and being quiet when we were actually in the library that I decided to chance running a small errand with them in tow.  That was where things went a little downhill. I had to go into the FedEx Kinkos store and talk to them about getting some copies made and the entire time we were in there, the boys were like little whirlwind devils.  Touching every pack of candy that was there in front of them and asking for them each individually.  I promptly came home and we all sat down and read library books and I started into my Scream Free Parenting.  

Oh, I finished the laundry yesterday. It was 8:30 by the time that I got it all done, but praise be, there is nothing left in my dryer or laundry baskets!

I also made a new recipe last night--Indian Spiced Lentils with rice--and the boys LOVED it.  Seriously, I can cook just normal stuff and they will turn their noses up at it, but I cook something slightly weird and they eat it right up.  I didn't think it was all that awesome, but Micah really enjoyed it and it was easy, so I will probably make it again.  So, after dinner, I decided to take the boys on a walk and go up to the sno-cone place that isn't too far from our house.  We had so much fun.  The boys chattered incessantly the entire time and I am sure that we were quite the sight to behold.  They were wearing these obnoxious Tulsa Zoo hats (courtesy of the grandparents while we were in NY) and William wore his completely pulled down over his face to keep the sun out of his eyes and Xavier wore backwards, frontwards, on his arm, hand, etc.  Walking with the boys is an adventure in and of itself.  William wants to hold your hand, no matter how sweaty it gets, and he wants you to HOLD it, not just rest your hand on his.  If you aren't gripping it, he will keep putting his other hand up to yours and pulling on it to show you what he wants.  Xavier likes to walk just in front of me, so that I can't keep a steady pace and about run him over.  Then, he gets a bit crazy and starts running from side to side kicking the grass and expending a TON of energy!  We had a lot of fun and I am sure that we probably made up for any calories expended by eating the sno-cones, but it was worth it.

This morning, we have a weekly play date with some church friends.  We are going to a lady's house in Tulsa that has a large garden and she is going to let the kids help her in the garden.  I hope that my boys don't trample it! :)


LaCombe said…
Wish I knew about the scream free parenting book when I was raising my boys. They are 3 1/2 years apart, so there was quite a bit of them arguing and then trying to stop it and getting my voice a little too high, but they turnd out to be great adults.I love reading your posts about how sweet they are and can't wait to be able to meet somewhere once I am settled in Fort Smith. Soon, Aug 5th. Love and Prayers, Kathy

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