Picking blackberries

This morning, mom and I headed out the door at 6:45 to pick blackberries at the farm where we picked last year and that crop had produced this yummy-ness:
So, as you can imagine, we were eager to recreate the memory!  The farm opened at 7 and we arrived just before then and there were already a few people there.  We got our buckets and gloves and marched down to where they had told us to start picking and we were a bit disappointed this year.  We were only planning on staying for about 30-45 minutes because we had a playdate, but we had assumed that it would only take us that long to gather quite the crop since last year, the berries were so plenteous.  Well,  this year we were a bit disappointed with the actual having to search for the good berries.  Last year, we had been amazed at how easy it was to find the big juicy ripe berries.  This year, we definitely had to pick and choose and only at the end did we find some plants that were a bit reminiscent of last year's fun.  We still ended up with four pounds which will be enough for at least one batch of jelly and maybe a cobbler.  

From there, we basically stopped by our house, grabbed the boys, and headed out to meet some other moms and kids from our Sunday School class at another farm in south Tulsa.  The boys when they heard they were going to a farm immediately wanted to wear their barn boots (red rain-type boots that they wore up in Illinois!). Fortunately, they kind of forgot about that when we arrived.  First we picked blueberries and then ended up with some blackberries.  There were 5 adults and 8 kids all under the age of 5, so you can imagine that it was quite the experience.  The boys had so much fun though.  William was all about grabbing as many as his little hands could hold and Xavier was a bit more meticulous.  On the way, we had given them instructions on which berries to pick and which would make their bellies hurt and I was surprised at how well they did.  William really loved eating them as he went along.  Xavier wasn't too keen on the idea of  tasting them for quite awhile, but once he tasted them, he liked them pretty well.   We thought that we were going to get rained on and so we headed fairly quickly over to the blackberry patch.  This is where I was really proud of my boys.  They completely listened to us and only picked the ones that were all black and not half black/half red.  And they loved it!! It was so cute to see them.  Of course, for the first ten minutes, every time I turned around, William was shoveling more into his mouth.  "I yike blackberwwies!"  I tried to keep a better eye on him after that.  It did finally sprinkle on us some and so we headed back to our friends' house where she made blackberry dumplings that we enjoyed with vanilla ice cream.  Well, I should note that the adults enjoyed the dumplings, the kids mostly just ate the ice cream!  All in all, it was so much fun and the boys loved the experience.

getting instructions from Grandma

working on their own

look at my little workers!


What wonderful fun and memories! I love blackberwwies too!
LaCombe said…
Yummy! Wish I could have been there with you. The boys look so cute picking the berries. You can send some of the rain to my house, cause we really need it. Have a great weekend! Love and Prayers,Kathy
Amy said…
Mmm! I want some of that blackberry cobbler right now!! It looks delicious.
listgirl said…
Sounded like a day of FUN picking berries! Glad you were able to find some good ones. When we picked strawberries in April, it was kind of hard to find really big and juicy ones too.

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