After having such a houseful of people the last few days, our house has seemed very quiet.  Of course, the boys do their best to keep it full of noise and I have discovered that watching Kung-Fu Panda doesn't do much to keep things calm around here.  We have arguing over who is going to be the orange tiger and lots of karate kicking!  The world of boys--it's a noisy thing.

I have been enjoying some very special time with my computer and Photoshop Elements which will be evidenced by the layouts I got done and the fact that I feel caught up to speed on all things happening in the world of everyone whose blogs I read.  But, I miss my mom.  I kind of got used to her being her and having someone to talk to and motivate me to keep the house picked up all the time.  I think that the boys are missing her as well--when I put them down for their naps and bedtime, they want to know "where's grandma?  she go home to Pa-pa?"  

The boys have been making me laugh so hard lately--they are just talking so much. For example:
  •  Yesterday, when we got in the car after going to Bounce U (which Xavier insisted on calling Jump U), he said "I starving!"
  • William was sitting on my lap and I picked up my cup of water to take a drink and there was condensation on the bottom that got on the side of the recliner and William informed me, "be careful, Mommy, you have to be very careful."
  • After putting them to bed last night, Xavier got up and needed to go "stinky" and William walked into the bathroom with us and said, "come on, Mommy, we need to give him pribacy"
  • They always call us mommy and daddy, but when they are playing together in their room with their toys, you can hear them saying 'come on, mom' 'let's go, dad'--it cracks me up!
  • Yesterday, I decided to play the piano for the first time in a really long time and usually the boys will just play around me, but Xavier was insisting on sitting next to me and singing his 'songs' regardless of the fact that I was not playing anything that resembled his Sunday School songs.  Every time I would start to play, he would start singing at the top of his lungs "Jesus loves the little children..." and totally off key, by the way.  If I stopped playing, he would stop singing.  I finally just gave up...I apparently need to get some piano books with children's songs in them.


Amy said…
Glad you are back blogging again. I missed getting glimpses into your world. I love the pribacy story...so cute!
LaCombe said…
Love all the stories! They are so cute and I can just hear them saying all that. Funny how you think they don't listen, but then when they say things you know they heard from you, it just amazes you! They learn by example and hearing and they sound like they are quick and smart boys! Blessed are you! Love and Prayers, Kathy

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