Return of the routine?

I put a question mark in the title because although getting back a routine is our goal, I can't guarantee that we will be able to dive right back in.  One would think that being nearly 6 weeks post-op, I would be well back into my routine, but since this will be our first week by ourselves, I am sure that there will be adjustments to be made.  It is so good to have Micah back home. He had a great trip with the students out to Colorado and made some good relationships with others from the church, but we are all so glad to have him back with us.  

We didn't have a very exciting weekend.  We basically stayed in all day on Saturday which was wonderful. The boys played, I scrapped, read, and basically just stayed very low key all day.  Micah got home late Saturday night after we were all in bed, then we had church yesterday and that brings us to Monday morning!  

Today, I need to run some errands, get the house back together from our weekend of doing nothing and help the boys remember that they really need to obey the first time that we tell them to do something!  Any suggestions on how to accomplish all of that in 24 hours?


LaCombe said…
Wish I had some suggestions, but it never worked for me the first time, but I was always persistant and never gave in, so just be patient with them and when they find out they still have to do it, eventually they just might do it the first time, just to get it done sooner and be able to play sooner. They will learn. When is your next surgery? Love and Prayers, Kathy
listgirl said…
Getting back into a routine can be hard. I am doing that this week too. I am getting up earlier in the mornings and getting back into regular morning workouts. So far so good (three straight days, woot!)

Love your page with the sun! It looks familiar to me, LOL. LOVE your bright colored take on it!

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