Sweet Friends

Let me begin by apologizing for the quality of the pictures, but I just quickly imported them to my computer and made them small enough to add to the blog.  We had so much fun with our friends, it was just precious to have a couple of days visiting with them.  The boys were in heaven.  We had quite the full house because Chris and Connie have 5 children plus their niece was traveling with them, so we had 8 children ages 10 and under in our house, plus three adults--it was a party, let me tell you!  They left early this morning and the boys woke up asking "where our kids were?" and are now sitting on the couch watching a little show.  We are getting ready to go have a little playdate with some friends from church at Bounce U where they have all the big blow up games.  That should get them officially worn out for naps this afternoon.  Connie and I stayed up until 2 this morning laughing, talking, crying together.  We have such a precious friendship and I was so thankful that they were able to stop by.  The last time Connie and I saw each other was when she came to visit me during my last chemo treatment and we hadn't seen their family since March of 2007.  They are going to be leaving in the next 6 months for Burkina Faso and we don't really know when the next time is that we will see them, so this was an unexpected blessing to have a couple of days together.  Here are a few pics from our day:

The boys with Isabella and Gabriella (the two youngest)

a pic with my mom before she left

me and Connie

William and Isabella at the splash pad


LaCombe said…
You are so Blessed to have such wonderful friends and family! All your Pics show how happy everyone is at all times, which is God showing through everyone. Your boys are getting so big, they look like they will be driving soon, HA! How precious they are! Love ya Becky and Prayers always! Kathy
Jodi Govrik said…
You look good and "sound" good! I can't wait to see you next, girlie!

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