Tuesday's To Do List

  • Have a quiet time
  • Write thank you notes
  • Read to my boys
  • Go to library story time (and get new books to read!)
  • Drop things off at Goodwill
  • Spend some time reading for me
  • Scrap a layout
  • Make a menu
  • Grocery shop (ugh!)
  • Take some new pictures and video of the boys
My life is brimming with excitement!  We are in the last couple of weeks before Micah heads off to school and so he has been working to get things ready for me to take over his job as well as finishing things up around the house which we have decided is a never ending job.  We have lived here for almost two years and still there are things to be done.  And last night, we were getting ready to head out to Target to fill a prescription and our garage door wouldn't open.  Apparently, the spring and cables or something have broken and so will also be calling a garage door repairman today and hoping that it isn't too drastic.


LaCombe said…
Wow, you are one busy lady, so I will Pray for your health and safety and for the garage door to be fixed. That has happened to us 3 times, twice here. Of course we always call to get it fixed, but actually you can do it yourself, just need to be really careful. We have a couple of neighbors that do it theirselves. I pay, ha! Have a Wonderful Day! Love and Prayers, Kathy
listgirl said…
Last year the spring broke on our garage door too! what a pain...

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