Bad Blogger

So, this week, I have had grand plans to blog almost every day and in fact have thought of several very witty things to say in the ol' blog, but unfortunately, I have not made time to do it. It has been a very busy week for us and has involved a lot of adjusting. Obviously, Micah is now in school, then on Tuesday nights we have youth group at church where Micah and I are leading small groups, Wednesday nights is Awana, Thursday I ran errands literally all day, it felt like and then yesterday, I cleaned house and finished up by having a major emotional meltdown of my own after a particularly trying 90 minutes with the boys. Fortunately, my sister called and was able to talk me through it and encourage me in it all. I have just felt so emotionally exhausted that it is hard to sit down and write about the day to day stuff and I really haven't been up to delving into the emotional aspect of my life. So, what you get is bad blogger!!

Fortunately, today I am feeling much better. Micah slept in until 7 this morning and I got up and made us pumpkin pancakes (his favorite) and we all got to eat breakfast together this morning which was really nice. Xavier prayed and said, "Dear Jesus, thank for daddy coming home..."--it was pretty sweet. I have also made a cake for a Sunday School dinner tonight and cleaned up the kitchen--all this before 8:30! I am feeling so productive.

Micah has gone to school to study for a a few hours. I am planning on meeting my friend Laurie and going to a consignment sale late this morning. I am hoping to find some bikes or scooters for the boys and maybe a new puzzle or two. In the spring, I hit the jackpot with the puzzles and the boys have played with them a ton, so I am thinking that I might be able to buy some "new" ones for them and sell their "old" ones in a few weeks at our consignment sale.

So, I spent probably 4 hours cleaning yesterday. I usually have a pretty regular routine down, but I was reading Woman's Day magazine this week and came across this article on changing your cleaning routine and decided to give it a try. I actually really liked the system and will probably adjust mine to be more like it. I feel like my house got cleaner than usual and it was a nice change to my routine. I even took the time yesterday to seriously dust all the knick knacks on my shelves in the living room. (Now, I know that everyone else dutifully dusts every tiny thing on all of their shelves every single week, but I am not one of those people!) And I would like to think that I would have done it anyway, but I have a very dear friend coming to visit next week and when she looks at all my little collectibles from our travels, I don't want to be dying inside because there is an inch of dust on them (and I know that I would be dying inside because we recently had some new friends over who wanted to look and I about melted into the floor from embarrassment!) Anyway, I feel like it is a good thing to do every year or so--now, I just need to some of that same cleaning and dusting of the tea pots and pitchers above my cabinets. Now, if everyone else out there meticulously dusts every tiny nook and cranny of their house every single week, please don't leave me a comment and tell me. I just don't really want to know! :)

This was my second week of working from home as well and it has definitely been an adjustment as I learn to balance my time with the boys, the house, work, and "becky-time." It has been nice getting back into a schedule though. I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of scrapping time, although there were days that I didn't open Photoshop once and it made me a bit sad!

P.S. I forgot to add that when I posted the pics of the boys' first year--those who guessed Xavier was the first and William the second were completely right!! I hope to get some more of those done this weekend!


Anonymous said…
Ha! I am not sure I have dusted since we moved here....4 years ago! No, I do think when we repainted most of the rooms in our living space, we took things off the walls and dusted before putting them back up. That was last November. :-) I can't even think about those things right now. We are in survive mode and not trying to thrive at much. Love reading your posts.
Sara W.
listgirl said…
Oh Becky, there's no rule that says how often you have to blog, LOL. You are not a "bad blogger". I'm sorry you had some emotional time. We all have those sometime. And I don't dust more than once a month, LOL.

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