Busy Weekend, Busy Week

I don't know if I will get a chance to blog much this week. Since I got back from New York, we have been going non-stop, it seems.  On Thursday night, I had my first meeting of a young breast cancer survivor's group that my surgeon and I had organized.  It was something that I desperately needed (whether I knew it or not) when I was going through treatment and has been something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.  It was so good to see other women and realize just how important it is that we do this.  We are going to meet once a month and I am looking forward to the opportunities that will give me to help encourage other young women who are facing this horrible disease.  We also had a good friend of Micah's come and stay with us on Thursday night which was lots of fun for him.  Friday night was the youth all nighter at church that Micah had volunteered to help out with.  They went to Incredible Pizza, bowling, roller skating, and ended up swimming from 4-6 AM.  He actually had a really fun time, but was a bit exhausted over the weekend as you can imagine.  I stayed at home with my boys and we kept our youth pastor's little boy who is the boys' age as well.  So the boys had their very first sleep over!  It was sweet and they had a good time.  

Yesterday, Micah started his orientation for med school.  This kicked off a week long string of events leading up to his white coat ceremony on Saturday morning.  He is busy all day every day and there are dinners tonight and Thursday night that I will be attending with him.  I have AWANA training at church tomorrow night, a FORCE meeting on Friday night, and then his White Coat Ceremony and brunch on Saturday.  I am exhausted just thinking about it all.  We are planning to have a date night on Saturday night before his classes start, but I am thinking we may be so exhausted that we just stay in! 

The boys are the boys....I love them with all of my heart and at the same time wonder if I will survive their childhood.  They consistently crack me up and make me want to pull my hair out.  Before I had kids, I used to say that marriage was probably the hardest, but best thing that I had ever done.  Now, I am amending that to say that parenting is the hardest, but best thing.  I love having my boys, I don't know that I ever knew that my heart could love a little person as much as I love them.  But, it is so hard and maddening and frustrating and difficult and (insert another adjective for those same things!).  I remind myself often that they are God's gift to me and He uses them in my life to make me more in His likeness and it is a privilege and joy to be able to be their mom.  And when they run up to me, throw their arms around my neck, and say, "mommy? I wub you!" it really does make all the frustrations seem so small and insignificant!

On a side note, after my frustrating trip home, I decided to be thankful that I wasn't on theplane that was stranded on the tarmac overnight!  I can't even imagine and I still don't quite understand the reason.  And is it just me, or has there been an alarming number of airplane incidents lately?

In spite of the busyness of life, I have managed to squeeze in a little bit of time for scrapping!



listgirl said…
It does sound like a really busy week for you Becky! But it also sounds full of life and fun. Hope you have a wonderful date night on Sat with Micah!
MyEbella said…
Your new groups sounds so amazing... so many young woman will benefit from this time together!
Congrats to the hubby for his new "adventure" =)

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