Sometimes airplanes feel like prisons

Okay, since I have never technically been in prison, I know that that title is possibly a bit melodramatic, but yesterday was NOT one of my favorite travel days ever.  More on that in a bit...

My appointment yesterday was fairly anti-climatic.  In fact, I was in and out of the doctor's office in about 15 minutes total and that included waiting for the elevator to the 10th floor, checking in, being called back, and seeing the doctor.  Afterwards, I kind of thought to myself, "so, I traveled all the way to NY for this?"  but then, I decided that I would much prefer that kind of appointment to the alternative.  Basically, he wanted to see how I was healing and he was very pleased.   We knew that there would have to be some revisions and so we talked about those.  The good news for me is that instead of having implants, we are going to go the route of liposuction of fat from my thighs to inject into my new breasts to give me more volume and kind of fill out some little pockets.  I have always preferred not to have implants so this was good news for me and I can't help but think that this might make my thighs look better too! :) 

After my appointment, I spent some time sitting in a cafe reading, then I meandered through Tiffany's and marveled at the amazingly expensive jewelry and gifts that they have there.  It was fun just to walk through the floor of diamonds and engagement rings--some seriously beautiful rings. I was talking to the sales lady who was holding an enormous ring in her hand (8.25 carats and only $800,000) and we were marveling over how that amount of money could also buy a huge house!  The thing that was amazing to me was how brilliant their diamonds were from the tiniest to the largest.  She was telling me that whether a diamond is .01 carats or 10 carats that they are all cut with the same number of facets and in the same manner which ensures  a brilliant diamond.  It was all very fascinating to me!  Then, I went and wandered through FAO Schwartz where I saw some woman who I didn't recognize, but is apparently in the new GI Joe movie and was doing an interview there.  Finally, I ended up at Alice's Tea Cup for lunch which was just a really sweet place and I will definitely be going back there. It was so sweet to see all these little girls with their moms coming in for "tea parties."  They had wings that the girls would put on and then they got sprinkled with "fairy dust" before being seated.  It was really yummy food and great atmosphere.  Then, I sweated my way back to our friend's apartment--it was miserably hot and humid yesterday and I kept feeling nauseous from the heat.  So, that did not make for a very fun afternoon.  

Okay, now for the part about airplanes feeling like prisons.  When I pick seats on a flight, I normally have two goals:  be on an aisle and close to the front.  Well, I was close to the front, but ended up being in a middle seat.  No big deal, I thought.  Well, we pulled back from our gate and taxied and sat and sat and sat.  Finally, we looked like we were making progress and pulled out from where we could see a long line of planes waiting for take off and I was thinking how thankful I was that we were moving.....until we pulled in to the back of that line.  So, at that point, I am thinking it still shouldn't be too bad....until the pilot comes on and says that they have switched our runway and that there are 40 planes in line to take off and he thinks that we are around 35 or 36 in the lineup and that there are usually 1-2 minute between takeoffs.  Okay, so we have already been pulled away from the gate for at least 35 minutes at this point.  Finally, after over an hour of waiting, we got to take off.  It was a relatively uneventful flight where they tried to sell us a snack pack of chips for $3 which I think is slightly akin to highway robbery.  So, we land in Chicago...and we taxi and taxi and first, I don't think anything of it, but it seems like we keep going over those overpass bridge things and then we come to a dead stop out in the middle of what feels like nowhere.  Apparently, our gate got changed and so we had to go to a holding area until the right gate was ready for us.  Eventually, about 45 minutes after landing, we found a gate and were able to get off.  It was during that last 45 minutes that I was seriously feeling claustrophobic and feeling like my airplane was my own personal prison where I didn't have any personal space and no way to get out even though I could see the free world just outside the window.  Okay, this post has turned out quite long, and my traveling saga is almost over.  We arrived at the very end of one terminal at O'Hare and my flight to Tulsa was leaving from a gate at the very end of a different terminal, so I hauled myself over there only to get there, rest for about 5 minutes and be told that the gate had changed to the exact same gate that I had just come in on at the very end of the other terminal.  I don't know when I have been so thankful that a trip has come to an end!  

And if you are still reading, you are probably glad that this post came to an end as well.  The boys were all happy to see me and it is good to be home!


Amy said…
Wow! What a trip. I hope mine is a little smoother at the end of the month. :) I don't want to be too tired when I get there. Glad your appointment went well and you're back home. Less than 3 weeks to go...Yay!
listgirl said…
Oh goodness, I'm glad you made it home okay! I would have been claustrophobic too, if I were stuck on a plane that long without it actually going somewhere. Usually when that happens, I close my eyes and try to go to sleep. Sounded like a great doctor's appt and some awesome alone time in the city.
And you did all of this by YOURSELF? I am impressed.
MyEbella said…
I've never traveled a lot but quite vididly remember RUNNING in San Fransisco to the international flight to Seoul Korea... (because of a delayed flight out of of PDX (portland OR), they literally had a ticket agent running with us to help carry bags as Todd carried Ethan. I am sure we were quite the site. Everyone on the plane loved us because they had to go thru the safety/exit plan again just for us! LOL
glad your trip is over!
Jen said…
I'm so glad the fat transfer will work! I'm hoping that's what my doc will say too when I see him next week!

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