White Coat Ceremony

Yesterday, Micah had his White Coat Ceremony and is now eagerly anticipating his first week of classes.  Of course, he already has 60 pages of reading due on Monday and 68 questions plus some reading due on Tuesday.  

The White Coat Ceremony is apparently a big tradition in medical schools.  Having never been to one before, I really didn't know what to expect, but it was nice.  There were way too many speakers, who were way too wordy, and it lasted a bit long for my taste, but it was really nice. It definitely was a moment to be proud of my sweet husband.   These last two years have gone by really quickly and really slowly all at the same time and there are moments this last week when I have had to remind myself that this is real.  He is starting med school. I think that we have just talked about it for so long that it is hard to believe that it is real.  So, seeing him there at the ceremony and getting his white coat made it just a bit more real in my world. And I will admit to a few tears in my eyes as I watched him walk in and stand with the rest of the class of 2013.

So, without further ado, I present to you pictures of the ceremony--please forgive the poor quality of some of the ones of the actual ceremony. It was in a big theater with really poor lighting--especially from far away.
getting his white coat
taking a picture and hamming it up with the interim president of the school--this was after the boys were literally yelling "hi, daddy! hi, daddy! that's my daddy-he got his white coat!"  I think they may have stolen the show because they got a great laugh.  
with their daddy in his white coat

with me! :)

his dad and brother

the boys were NOT about taking a family picture!
with his mom
and his dad...who I am pretty sure is pretty proud of his son and so excited that he is going to be a DO (doctor of osteopathy) like him.


Amy said…
Yay, Micah! We are so proud of you! Congratulations!
How exciting for your family! What school is he attending?
Anonymous said…
CONTRATULATIONS from IL. Love, Mom and Dad

awesome!!! Congrats!
listgirl said…
Oh, what a proud moment for the whole family! Great family photos!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing such a momentous occasion,
Becky. Sooooooooo proud of you all!
Gma E.

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