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I know that I have mentioned my love of Penzeys' spices here before and I had someone leave a question in a comment about my favorite things from there, so I thought that I would dedicate a post to Penzeys and maybe inspire others to step into a whole new world of cooking.

I was introduced to Penzeys by my friend Laurie. Among other things, we share a love of good food, cooking, and finding really good deals. And I remember the first time that she and her husband came over to our house, Micah and I were singing the praises of French cocoa and vanilla sugar and she was telling us about how she made her own vanilla sugar (which we have since done and it is awesome, let me tell you!) and she uses vanilla beans from her favorite spice store Penzeys. Now to be honest, I was a little unsure that one "needed" to have a special spice store--especially one that you had to order spices from because there isn't an actual store near you. Well, earlier this year, we had been o…


That is how I felt after getting back in my car from dropping off my stuff to the consignment sale last night. I felt lighter and when I got home, my house seemed like it had so much more room. It is always so nice to get it all cleared out and turned in, especially since I started this project many 'moons' ago and it has just been hanging over my head and cluttering up my room! And, while it was really nice to get the huge project done, I have to admit, it always makes me a little sad to get rid of their clothes. It is just so hard to believe that they are getting so big and grown up and as much as I love this age and all the hilarious ("I got the puzzle out because it didn't like the dark!") and sweet ("Mommy, you're the best!") things they say, I just know that they are never going to be little again and it just makes my heart ache...

Yesterday was seriously one of the busiest days I have had in a while. My work stuff just kept piling up on me…

Late Night Post

Ever since going through chemo, I have had trouble sleeping. After several months of going through and testing lots of different meds, I had finally found one that seemed to do the trick, but the last two nights, I have found myself really tired and yet still unable to fall asleep after laying in bed for over an hour. I am just not so much about tossing and turning and so I thought I would get up and do some late night posting.
We have had a good weekend, it just has been busy. Our dinner on Friday night turned out really good. I made this really yummy Roasted Chicken and Vegetables dish that I had made the week before and I have decided that it may be my new favorite thing. I have never been a huge fan of roasting a whole chicken, but this has been amazingly good. And I thought that on top of tasting it good, it actually looked really appetizing too! I also made the marinated tomatoes again that I mentioned earlier in the week and I peeled the tomatoes this time and they were eve…

Happy Birthday to Rory!

Okay, so I am not getting this posted until my niece Rory is probably in bed, but she turned 3 today and so the boys made special messages for her! Happy Birthday, Rory! We love you.

Awana verses

For some reason, blogger does not love me this morning, so I will quit wasting my time on it and just give the link to YouTube.


Just an update: I have made the tomatoes and chocolate mousse for tonight, the kitchen is being cleaned, and that is about all the progress I have made, well, that and this little video! :)...which I just watched and it is really poor quality, but it will have to do!

Forgetful Friday

Today, I would like to forget the following things:that I have 3 classmates of Micah coming over tonight who I have never met and so my house really ought to be somewhat clean and they are expecting an amazing meal since Micah sings my cooking praises to everyone he meets.that I have promised myself to clean my house on Fridays.that my name is mommy.that the consignment sale that I thought was a week and a half away is actually only half a week away and I still have a mountain of clothes to go through and hang up and enter into the computer and print labels and tag.Since I am not likely to actually crawl back into bed and forget those things, I guess I should go and get started!
Funny story from Awana on Wednesday night. The boys' Bible verse was "give thanks to the Lord who made the great lights...sun, moon, and stars." Xavier has a hard time saying 'great' and it comes out 'glate' which makes for a really sweet cute Bible verse 'glate lights' …

A different kind of zoo

Well, we didn't make it to the zoo yesterday. We got ready to go, I packed us a lunch and optimistically loaded us up in the van and headed out. We had to go by the post office before heading to the zoo and half way there, it started sprinkling and it just kept on. It never officially rained fully, but it would not have been fun to go to the zoo. The boys naturally were very disappointed and couldn't understand. Xavier kept telling me that he would just put the hood up on his hoodie so that the rain 'wouldn't go all over him!' So, I took them to the next best thing--Petsmart. Last winter, we started going there to have an outing and look at the fish, birds, rats, snakes, and cats and as much as it always grosses me out, the boys always have so much fun, and since they had been so excited about a zoo trip, I felt like this was a decent alternative. Then, they were happy to come back home and play with their puzzles and trains. We did have a 'picnic' lu…

Eating off the land

I mentioned recently that I have been experimenting a bit more in the kitchen and promised to share some recipes that I have tried recently. I have been loving having some produce from my own little garden, but I have enjoyed even more getting vegetables from my in-law's much larger garden. We have been bountifully supplied with zucchini and tomatoes and this week, we have even had fresh green beans twice. With the abundance of zucchini comes the inevitable question of what to do with it all, because one can only make so much zucchini bread. Micah isn't a huge fan of zucchini, so I have had to come up with some creative ways of cooking it so that he will eat it. Our favorite new way of enjoying the zucchini is to make a roasted vegetable and chicken dish and serve it over couscous. The boys actually really love "coo-coo" and they are getting better about eating all of the vegetables with it as well. So, last night as I was making it for what is probably the 5th …

Good with a small dose of brutal

We had a good weekend, although it was slightly brutal in some ways. It was good in the fact that it was our church's Global Impact Celebration and so that brought many missionaries to our church and we got to hear what the Lord is doing in our city, country, and the world. It never fails to inspire me, to encourage me, and to convict me of what I need to be doing in world outreach. The small (or large, depends on how you look at it!) dose of brutal comes when the missionaries talk about their work and the great need that exists for workers to come and it just isn't a lot of fun to me to feel like I am holding back the deep gut wrenching sobs that would cause a scene if I gave in to them. I can't say that I will ever understand the reasons, but I know that as we talked on the way home that although the day was super emotional for us, we have such a peace about where we are and a confidence that this is what God has for us right now. We both said at about the same time…

Celebrating Milestones

In the last couple of years, I have read quite a bit about survival, and I am not sure where I read this, but somewhere it talked about celebrating milestones and how important it was to commemorate important moments in your life. There are several dates that we kind of mentally remember in relation to my cancer diagnosis--the day I found the lump, had my mammogram, diagnosis, my first chemo, my last chemo, my last radiation--these we haven't really made a big deal about, it has simply been a matter of usually one or the other of us remarking, remember last year, remember the year before, where we were, how exciting it was to finish, etc. But there is one date that I think we will always celebrate and commemorate in a big way--September 19--this is the day that the cancer was cut out of my body and this day in 2009 marks 2 years that I have been cancer free. As I type this, I am pretty full of emotion. I remember going through treatment and just not knowing what the days ahead…

Crazy week

I am not sure exactly what made this week so crazy. The beginning of the week it felt like it was going so slowly. For example, on Tuesday, I could have sworn that it was Thursday, but no such luck! Now, here we are at Friday and I still have a TON of stuff to get to done and am feeling completely wiped out and not really wanting to face the next three days.
My sister and I were talking yesterday about how grateful we are that we get to stay home with our kids. We often complain and get frustrated at them, but when I start to feel that way, I have been trying to remind myself of how blessed I am that I get to stay home. Yes, they are busy and in constant motion and the bickering over toys can sometimes drive me batty, but I know that with Micah being gone as much as he is right now, our life would be so much harder if I had to work outside the home. So, I have tried to take advantage of the fact that although I have responsibilities, I don't always have a set schedule that I…

Response to Family Viewing

This is just sweet innocent William's response to this video:
Apparently, he is used to taking the blame for things!


Well, this week is off to a rough start for me. I am not sure what I did last night, but I managed to do something to my back and so I had a horrible time sleeping last night and am hobbling around this morning. So, at the moment, I am sitting with my feet up in the recliner and the heating pad on my back and I've taken a muscle relaxer....and praying that my boys continue to be good little men.
We had a good weekend. The boys and I stayed close to home except for church which was really nice after having some really buys weekends before. I got a little bit of scrapping done and had a friend stop by for a visit which was nice. Yesterday began our church's annual Global Impact Conference and our missions pastor preached a great message on how we can know what God wants us to do according to Romans 12:1-2. We drove separate cars to church yesterday so that Micah could head off to school to study and then we met up again at church last night. Last night at church, we heard …


The boys and I are home this morning enjoying a quiet Saturday morning. We had a special treat of having pancakes for breakfast with Micah this morning and now he is gone to school for the day to study for his test on Monday. This week, it is in Histology (which, I think, is the study of tissue). He did awesome on his test last week. He got a very respectable B and we were all thrilled. For being his very first test ever in Anatomy and it being an 8000 level class, I say he did pretty well. I am very proud of him, if you can't tell.
The boys have played this morning and attempted to do exercises with me and are now watching an episode of Planet Earth that we DVRed last weekend. I have pulled out my old DVDs of Mari Winsor's Pilates that I faithfully did for a couple of months when we were first married. It is only a 20 minute workout and since I have been getting up so early with Micah, it has been good for me to do something. It is much more productive if I finish be…

We will remember

When my friend Amy was here a few weeks ago, we spent some time talking about songs that we loved and looking up YouTube videos of them. She told me about the song We Will Remember and I have been playing it over and over since yesterday. It is a beautiful song and you can listen to it here. But, I am telling you, it is a bit addictive and you might find yourself listening to it over and over again. I am more of a reserved type of worshiper, but this song makes me want to jump up and down and sing at the top of my lungs! It is that good!
Thank you to those who prayed for Micah's test yesterday. It was such an encouragement to read the comments of those who were praying. He felt like he did pretty well on it and he celebrated last night by not studying at all. He was kind of giddy which was pretty funny. Of course, it is back to the ol' grind today, but he at least enjoyed a few hours textbook free!
A couple funny stories from the last few days: Xavier was at his grandma…

Tuesday's List

Although, yesterday was a holiday, it didn't feel much like one because Micah was out the door at 5:30 AM and got home around 6:30 PM. He has his first Anatomy test today, so if you think of it this afternoon, I know that he would appreciate the prayers. It is amazing to me the amount of information that he has to know. He is taking his first exam in Anatomy today and he has a 3-inch binder that is literally full of the lecture notes that are printed front and back of information that he is supposed to know...and that is just for one class! He has several of those binders. This morning he has lecture over new material for the next exam and then this afternoon, he has 2 hours of anatomy lab exam where he goes into the lab and the teachers have tagged different parts of the cadavers and they have to label them with correct spellings, etc. Then, he has 2 hours of lecture exam. He is loving it, and I am so glad, because I know that I don't have it in me!
Our list for the day…

Lots of stuff

Well, I know that most of you didn't have time to do anything over the weekend because you were wondering which side of my brain won out from Friday's post--did she or did she not clean her house? The wise side of my brain persisted and I managed to convince myself to clean and it would make me feel a lot better and it did. Then, my in-laws decided to come and take the boys for lunch and keep them for the afternoon which then put me in another quandary--should I just sit and scrap like I was wanting to or should I be diligent and actually do some work that I wouldn't normally be able to accomplish with the boys around. From the number of photos below, you might think that I did nothing all weekend, but scrap and sit in front of the computer, but I actually accomplished quite a bit. I decided to split up my time Friday afternoon and did some work and enjoyed some scrapping time as well. Saturday, Micah left at 5:30 AM to go back to school to spend the entire day studyin…


Yesterday's first Bible Study was so good and after doing the first lesson this morning, I know that it is going to be a really good study, although it seems to have the potential to seriously make me dig into my head and heart and sometimes that is not so fun and somewhat painful. But, I know that growth comes from that, so I am willing. The key verse is Psalm 99:14 "let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing unto You, Oh Lord, my rock and my Redeemer." Did you know that research has shown that we have an inner dialogue with ourselves of 150-300 words a minutes? That is a lot of words!! The phrase that stuck out in my mind from this morning's study was that "who we are is not the same as what we struggle with." Definitely something to think about and take comfort in, if you ask me.
Last night, I had a meeting with some other young breast cancer survivors and we spent the evening talking with a woman who is to have her first t…

First day & Thankful Thursday

Today is the first day of our fall women's Bible Study. I am so excited to get started again. I really love the group of women that we have at our church and it always is a source of encouragement to me to go each week and study the Word together. This fall we are doing Jennifer Rothschild's Me Myself and Lies. I am really looking forward to it and have heard lots of good things about it. And I have a couple of friends who live away from here who are going to be reading it along with me and so I am looking forward to some good email 'conversations' about it as well. In my opinion, there really isn't anything quite like learning and studying the Word of God together with other women who really have a heart and desire to learn about the Lord and a hunger for Him. It never fails to increase my desire and hunger for Him as well.

I realized yesterday that I haven't shared funny stories about the boys recently. They do so many funny things on a daily basis and …

my other sister

I had such a great week last week. I am pretty exhausted this week, but it was totally worth it. I picked Amy up at the airport on Tuesday night and I don't think that we really quit talking until I dropped her off yesterday morning. It is pretty amazing when you think about the fact that we haven't really seen each other in 9 years except for when they came to our wedding (not a great place to visit) and for about 2 hours 2 years ago when the boys were 14 months old (also not very conducive to visiting). We have talked on the phone sporadically and emailed occasionally, and we are pretty faithful reading each other's blogs, but other than that, it has been 9+ years. And, we have also decided that we are pretty much getting old because that means it has been 9+ years that we have been out of college.
At times, I felt badly, because our life is so crazy right now that she ended up just running errands with us a few days. I was extra busy trying to get things done f…