Crazy week

I am not sure exactly what made this week so crazy. The beginning of the week it felt like it was going so slowly. For example, on Tuesday, I could have sworn that it was Thursday, but no such luck! Now, here we are at Friday and I still have a TON of stuff to get to done and am feeling completely wiped out and not really wanting to face the next three days.

My sister and I were talking yesterday about how grateful we are that we get to stay home with our kids. We often complain and get frustrated at them, but when I start to feel that way, I have been trying to remind myself of how blessed I am that I get to stay home. Yes, they are busy and in constant motion and the bickering over toys can sometimes drive me batty, but I know that with Micah being gone as much as he is right now, our life would be so much harder if I had to work outside the home. So, I have tried to take advantage of the fact that although I have responsibilities, I don't always have a set schedule that I have to follow and so, if I am still in my pajamas and am heading to take a shower, but the boys ask me to help them with a puzzle or read a book to them, then instead of saying, "wait until after...." I just sit down on the floor with them and enjoy some moments together. I know that I still have a lot of room to grow in this area, but it has been good for me to rearrange my thinking this week.

There hasn't been much time for scrapping this week, although I did manage to get this one page done. I don't know if I will get anything done this weekend since we have friends coming over tonight, the Race for the Cure is tomorrow, followed by an International Dinner at church, our missions conference continues twice on Sunday, and the weekend is over. Micah and I were talking about the weekend this morning and I just said that I was thankful that I didn't have to go back to school on Monday morning like he does! There is no test this week, so that is good news for him.

I did have a great find at Sam's Club yesterday. I usually buy my meat there in large packages that I then break up into smaller portions to freeze. I went yesterday to buy some whole chickens for a new recipe that I am trying tonight and next to the whole chickens I noticed that they had some boneless skinless chicken breasts with orange stickers on them 'reduced for quick sale', so I walked over to check them out. It was a large package, but they were labeled that they were all individually wrapped and freezer ready. Sure enough, when I got home each chicken breast is in its own individual freeze dried package and I just set the trays in the freezer and I can grab however many I need. I was so excited because honestly repackaging raw meat is one of my least favorite things to do. And on top of it all, they were on sale for $1.77/lb. I bought two packages and am wondering if I should have gone ahead and grabbed the 3rd one they had as well! Oh well, I had just never seen that kind of packaging before and it just made my life easier and I am all about that these days!


Did the whole scrap page show up? I think one head and some words are missing. So cute to arrange them head to toe and toe to head!

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