A different kind of zoo

Well, we didn't make it to the zoo yesterday. We got ready to go, I packed us a lunch and optimistically loaded us up in the van and headed out. We had to go by the post office before heading to the zoo and half way there, it started sprinkling and it just kept on. It never officially rained fully, but it would not have been fun to go to the zoo. The boys naturally were very disappointed and couldn't understand. Xavier kept telling me that he would just put the hood up on his hoodie so that the rain 'wouldn't go all over him!' So, I took them to the next best thing--Petsmart. Last winter, we started going there to have an outing and look at the fish, birds, rats, snakes, and cats and as much as it always grosses me out, the boys always have so much fun, and since they had been so excited about a zoo trip, I felt like this was a decent alternative. Then, they were happy to come back home and play with their puzzles and trains. We did have a 'picnic' lunch on the floor in the living room. I just laid out a table cloth and we ate our lunch that I had packed there and I was rewarded by William exuberantly declaring (with his mouth full of food!) that 'this is a fun picnic!' It is the little things that they appreciate, isn't it?

I have been having trouble actually scrapping the last few days. I have found myself opening Photoshop and just struggling with finding the inspiration. Partly, I think I am just tired by the end of the day and then I have also decided that my Lightroom catalog is so crammed full of photos that I haven't officially gone through and looked at or edited that I spend a ton of time looking for the right picture to scrap. So, I have decided to take advantage of the wealth of organizational tools within Lightroom and have committed myself to going through and deleting the bad photos, deciding what I want to scrap, and getting myself at least a tad more organized. The negative is that I have untold thousands of pictures from the last 3 1/2 years of the boys' lives and looking through them is taking some serious time, but on the positive side, I am finding pictures from the last couple of months that I completely forgot about and that crack me up. Like this one of William:
and to be honest, I am not even positive that that IS William, I am trusting my memory (which can be a bit sketchy). But, we had obviously been to Target to pick up a prescription (see the Target sticker on his hand) and I had just found my old phone that I decided to let them play with and he was using it for a "camera" telling me to smile and say 'cheese.' But, anyway, I stayed up way too late last night working on pictures and haven't really even cracked the surface, but it is making me feel better and I am also feeling much more inspired in the scrapping department.


Amy said…
I'm going to try to get in lots of scrapping in the next couple of days, if I can. My free trial of Photoshop runs out while we are in Canada. I wish we could work on it together!

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