First day & Thankful Thursday

Today is the first day of our fall women's Bible Study. I am so excited to get started again. I really love the group of women that we have at our church and it always is a source of encouragement to me to go each week and study the Word together. This fall we are doing Jennifer Rothschild's Me Myself and Lies. I am really looking forward to it and have heard lots of good things about it. And I have a couple of friends who live away from here who are going to be reading it along with me and so I am looking forward to some good email 'conversations' about it as well. In my opinion, there really isn't anything quite like learning and studying the Word of God together with other women who really have a heart and desire to learn about the Lord and a hunger for Him. It never fails to increase my desire and hunger for Him as well.

I realized yesterday that I haven't shared funny stories about the boys recently. They do so many funny things on a daily basis and when they happen, I need to get in the habit of just sitting down and writing them down, b/c I keep thinking that I will remember, but then I sit down to do it, and I have completely forgotten.

So, here are a few random things about the boys:
  • William used to crack me up because anytime someone said "me, too" he would immediately pipe up with "me, three"--now, we have graduated to "me, four"
  • Yesterday, William had gotten in trouble and I took away his Power Ranger for the rest of the day. Well, a few minutes later, I hear Xavier just giving him instructions about how he could not play with any toys for the rest of the day. William, of course, was crushed, and I had to explain to Xavier that he really wasn't responsible for making those kinds of proclamations.
  • Xavier loves to pray before meals, William not so much.
  • They are so proud of themselves for being in Cubbies this year with Awana. It seriously warms my heart to hear them saying their Bible verses. Last week, we were talking about how God is love and they were supposed to tell me the names of 5 people that God loves. Well, I kept asking them and they would just say "people", but finally, I helped them understand that I wanted them to tell me actual names. I thought it was really sweet that they mentioned their friends from church and also all of their teachers. It just shows me how much they know that those leaders love them.
  • Xavier when he wants you to tell him a story about something, he will say, " talk to me about that!"
  • They have been doing very well on the potty training front as well. They are having few to no accidents and are even staying dry for their naps most days. I realize that they are 3 1/2 which is late for some, but I am just so stinkin' thankful that it is finally happening! :)
  • "frui-de-woops"--Fruit Loops
  • "dog-corn-pop"--corn dog
  • Yes, they do eat vegetables and not just processed meat and sugar, they just don't call those things funny names!
  • We went to visit Micah at his school last night and had dinner with him before heading to church and it was so sweet and almost broke my heart to hear the joy-bordering-on-hysterical-tears in Xavier's voice when he saw his daddy. When we left, he said, "I loved that so much."
Okay, and on to Thankful Thursday. I am thankful:
  • It is 7:25 and my boys are still sleeping!!!
  • for Micah succeeding on his very first Med school exam
  • For the fact that I get to stay home with my boys and work from home. Even with the craziness and busyness--I cherish the fact that I am with them all the time.
  • For good friends
  • For a good church filled with people who encourage me every time I see them.
  • That a friend's cancer surgery went really well yesterday and that the cancer was contained.
Happy Thursday!


Amy said…
I love the cute stories! Now that I've spent time with them I can just picture them and hear their sweet voices. Enjoy your Bible study time today!
VERLA said…
Your posts always make me feel encouraged and hopeful and happy. Thank you.

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