Forgetful Friday

Today, I would like to forget the following things:
  • that I have 3 classmates of Micah coming over tonight who I have never met and so my house really ought to be somewhat clean and they are expecting an amazing meal since Micah sings my cooking praises to everyone he meets.
  • that I have promised myself to clean my house on Fridays.
  • that my name is mommy.
  • that the consignment sale that I thought was a week and a half away is actually only half a week away and I still have a mountain of clothes to go through and hang up and enter into the computer and print labels and tag.
Since I am not likely to actually crawl back into bed and forget those things, I guess I should go and get started!

Funny story from Awana on Wednesday night. The boys' Bible verse was "give thanks to the Lord who made the great lights...sun, moon, and stars." Xavier has a hard time saying 'great' and it comes out 'glate' which makes for a really sweet cute Bible verse 'glate lights' especially when you add on his slight lisp and 'th' sound that comes with almost every 's' he says.

Well, it is 7:04 and the boys are up, bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to go for the day. Anybody else want to just curl up and watch a movie? Do you think that my housework will get done by the housework fairy?

I did finish up this layout last night, I worked on it a few days ago and I think I am happy with how it turned out.


Amy said…
Sounds good...I would like to forget that I need to be packing and where I am going tomorrow. Let's just sit down (you with your coffee, me with Dr. Pepper) and just chat the day away! And let's make a banana macadamia caramel tart to enjoy, also. Oh, how I wish we could. :)
I would love to crawl back in bed...
I didn't promise to have a clean house on Friday, but boy does it need to be done LOL

good luck!
I would like to forget that I have said yes to too many things right now. I would like to forget that I need to finish my assignment for my online course. But, I love to remember what a smile your blog always brings to my face. You encourage me every time. Word from a seasoned hostess: people will remember how you made them feel more than what they ate or how beautiful the house was.

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