Good with a small dose of brutal

We had a good weekend, although it was slightly brutal in some ways. It was good in the fact that it was our church's Global Impact Celebration and so that brought many missionaries to our church and we got to hear what the Lord is doing in our city, country, and the world. It never fails to inspire me, to encourage me, and to convict me of what I need to be doing in world outreach. The small (or large, depends on how you look at it!) dose of brutal comes when the missionaries talk about their work and the great need that exists for workers to come and it just isn't a lot of fun to me to feel like I am holding back the deep gut wrenching sobs that would cause a scene if I gave in to them. I can't say that I will ever understand the reasons, but I know that as we talked on the way home that although the day was super emotional for us, we have such a peace about where we are and a confidence that this is what God has for us right now. We both said at about the same time, "I'm not sad about the life we are leading." Which felt really weird to say since we said it through tears and sobs caught in our throats, but it made perfect sense. I know that the years that we spent in France have formed us and prepared us for right now in many ways. I don't know what our future holds and I hope that we get to someday return to service overseas, but for right now, I know that we are where God wants us and so we trust. And maybe next year, we can volunteer for nursery duty!

I did manage to get another page done in the boys books. I am almost done with a second page, so I if I get it done today, I will post it tomorrow. I am adding these to my friend's blog party called Made It Monday. If you have something that you have made this week, go here and share it!


Let it Shine said…
Your boys are so, so cute. It sounds like you have had an amazing and selfless life. But just by writing this post you are being a servent of God and giving testimony to everyone who reads it. Sometimes the smallest things you don't realize can have a huge and wonderful impact on others.

Take care,

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