Late Night Post

Ever since going through chemo, I have had trouble sleeping. After several months of going through and testing lots of different meds, I had finally found one that seemed to do the trick, but the last two nights, I have found myself really tired and yet still unable to fall asleep after laying in bed for over an hour. I am just not so much about tossing and turning and so I thought I would get up and do some late night posting.

We have had a good weekend, it just has been busy. Our dinner on Friday night turned out really good. I made this really yummy Roasted Chicken and Vegetables dish that I had made the week before and I have decided that it may be my new favorite thing. I have never been a huge fan of roasting a whole chicken, but this has been amazingly good. And I thought that on top of tasting it good, it actually looked really appetizing too! I also made the marinated tomatoes again that I mentioned earlier in the week and I peeled the tomatoes this time and they were even better than they had been.

I was really disappointed that my chocolate mousse did NOT turn out well and I am not sure why not, but it was pretty disgusting and I was slightly mortified. Fortunately, I had made cinnamon rolls to send home with the to raise over night and then be baked in the morning and so I am hoping that redeemed myself somewhat in the baking department. It was fun to get to meet some of the people that Micah goes to school with. It was entertaining watching how differently the boys acted with them too. Xavier, our ever exuberant child, would laugh uproariously every time anyone laughed, which in turn caused us all to laugh even harder and then he would laugh louder and more was a vicious circle. William on the other hand, was unusually quiet and a bit shy and wanted to sit on my lap for a while during dinner.

Saturday, Micah headed out to study and the boys and I headed to Target to pick up a prescription and to get some great deals. We had a good time and I even managed to pick up some frames at TJ Maxx for the photos that we had done of the boys back in May... yes I realize that it is now practically October, but I am just thankful that they are in frames and tomorrow I plan on peeling the price tag off the front of one just to prove how committed I am to keeping it. Saturday afternoon, Linda and I went to a bridal shower for a friend in town and then Saturday night we celebrated Micah's dad's birthday and grilled steaks and had baked potatoes and very yummy salad. I can't remember the last time I had steak, but this one was AMAZING, like I wanted to just pick the bone up and chew on it. Fortunately for my pride, I didn't have time before it was time to move on to cake time.

Today was church and then this afternoon, I did head into a new grocery store in town that was having double coupons this week. Before coupons, my total was $132 and after it was $73, so I felt pretty good about that.

This week is JBF consignment sale here in Owasso, so I have been trying to get clothes and toys priced and tagged. I had thought I had another week to put it off, but no, I need to drop it off by 2 pm on Tuesday. I really don't think that I will have a problem, it is more of just and annoyance than anything, but I know that it will be good to make a bit of return on the boys extensive wardrobe.

Well, this post is officially making me very sleepy, so I guess I should close it before I get to wild and crazy!


listgirl said…
I'm getting a mental picture of you gnawing on the steak bone... and it made me laugh. Saved by the cake!

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