That is how I felt after getting back in my car from dropping off my stuff to the consignment sale last night. I felt lighter and when I got home, my house seemed like it had so much more room. It is always so nice to get it all cleared out and turned in, especially since I started this project many 'moons' ago and it has just been hanging over my head and cluttering up my room! And, while it was really nice to get the huge project done, I have to admit, it always makes me a little sad to get rid of their clothes. It is just so hard to believe that they are getting so big and grown up and as much as I love this age and all the hilarious ("I got the puzzle out because it didn't like the dark!") and sweet ("Mommy, you're the best!") things they say, I just know that they are never going to be little again and it just makes my heart ache...

Yesterday was seriously one of the busiest days I have had in a while. My work stuff just kept piling up on me, the phone rang off the hook (after literally ringing maybe 5 times since I took over the job August 1!) and I felt like I was putting out fires all over the place. Finally by afternoon, I was able to spend the majority of my time tagging and preparing for the sale. My mother in law came and got the boys after their nap, so I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening finishing up. My original plan had been to deliver everything today, but about 7ish when I found out that she wouldn't be able to watch the boys today because her other grandson in town is sick and she needed to take him to the doctor, I hauled myself over to the church and spent a little over two hours standing in line and delivering two seasons worth of clothes and shoes and an outgrown tricycle and car. In my mind, I know that it is worth it and it obviously provides income so that I can purchase clothes for them again, but wow, it is a lot of work and I was exhausted as I crawled into bed and then proceeded to not be able to sleep for the 3rd night in a row! This morning, when Micah got up and left at 6, I decided to get back in bed. Xavier woke me up at 7:30 and I just let him get in bed with me and put a show on for him and William didn't get up until after 8--I think that we were all a bit tired. I am so thankful this morning for a work from home job.

Today, I plan on doing laundry and need to run a few errands. And I really want to just spend some time with the boys since I feel like I pretty much ignored them all day yesterday.
These are a couple of layouts that I got done over the weekend and didn't get to post. I am obviously still in the boys baby pictures!


What is the job you are doing from home, besides the obvious of mommy and wife?
Melissa said…
I cannot believe you had to stand in line for 2 hours to drop off consignment stuff!!
listgirl said…
What a busy day and you must be so clutter-free now! Love the orange and blue colors in the second layout. Adorable scraps!

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