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Well, I know that most of you didn't have time to do anything over the weekend because you were wondering which side of my brain won out from Friday's post--did she or did she not clean her house? The wise side of my brain persisted and I managed to convince myself to clean and it would make me feel a lot better and it did. Then, my in-laws decided to come and take the boys for lunch and keep them for the afternoon which then put me in another quandary--should I just sit and scrap like I was wanting to or should I be diligent and actually do some work that I wouldn't normally be able to accomplish with the boys around. From the number of photos below, you might think that I did nothing all weekend, but scrap and sit in front of the computer, but I actually accomplished quite a bit. I decided to split up my time Friday afternoon and did some work and enjoyed some scrapping time as well. Saturday, Micah left at 5:30 AM to go back to school to spend the entire day studying--can I just mention that although this new schedule is not piece of cake for me and the boys, I really am thankful that he is the one in school and not me, he seriously has the harder life! The boys and I stayed at the house and then met up with Micah's parents so that his dad and I could go to a car dealership and attempt to trade in our Jetta. The good news is that we walked out of the dealership with the car that we wanted and close to the price that we wanted. I decided that I really don't love car dealerships, it kind of felt like there were vultures waiting to descend on us when we pulled up. Fortunately, I had Micah's dad with me, so that I wouldn't make any too crazy decisions, although I like to think that I could have handled it on my own. I am thankful that I didn't have to.

Today, we had a great day at church. We had a really wonderful time of worship and I was reminded over and over of what a good God that we serve. Then, they read Psalm 34:1-10 and a couple of verses really stuck out to me... Verse 5 "Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces." The phrase "radiant with joy" just struck me and I thought (since I am now trying to pay attention to my thoughts)..., I thought I want to have that radiance. Then, verse 10 says "Taste and see that the Lord is good. O the joy of those who take refuge in Him." And I just thought about how often I have tasted of the Lord's goodness and I am so thankful that I do have the joy of one who takes refuge in Him. This past week, I have to confess that I have found myself feeling a little sorry for myself at times. I think that after Amy left, I just had a little bit of readjustment and had been feeling lonely with Micah being gone and feeling like he has this great new life (granted, studying 14 hours a days doesn't sound so great when you write it out, but you know what I mean) and I have the oh so unglamorous life of fixing coffee, packing a lunch, fixing dinner, and taking care of the kids. But this morning, I was reminded that I have tasted and seen over and over again that the Lord is indeed good...He is good to me...and when I am feeling sorry for myself, I can't have the radiance of one who is looking to Him for help.

I wanted to share a couple of links of things that I have found recently on the web:
  • The Persimmon Perch--this is a friend's blog that just has some really fun posts on a number of subjects. She also posted pictures from some of the tables at the tea last Saturday.
  • 918CouponQueen--This is a lady in our area who is a believer and has had a blog for a while sharing lots of ways of to save money and use coupons. This weekend, she launched a revamped site and it is full of so much fun stuff--forums, video workshops on couponing (all free!), tips and clues on upcoming deals. I am very excited and I appreciate how the site owner weaves Scripture into her presentations and how she is just unabashedly Christian.
And finally, tonight I managed to finish two more pages for the boys first year books. Can you believe these tiny little babies? I love their sweet little faces and funny expressions!
William Page 2
William Page 3

Xavier Page 2

Xavier Page 3


We will bring the Dove Poppers to your house next year! They are so much better than orange chocolate! Seriously how can you go wrong with cheese and bacon? I love your scrap pages...they are really cute! Your are very talented.
LaCombe said…
LOve the Great Pics of the Boys! So Adoreable and Cute! Praying for you and Micah! Love and Prayers, Kathy

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