Well, this week is off to a rough start for me. I am not sure what I did last night, but I managed to do something to my back and so I had a horrible time sleeping last night and am hobbling around this morning. So, at the moment, I am sitting with my feet up in the recliner and the heating pad on my back and I've taken a muscle relaxer....and praying that my boys continue to be good little men.

We had a good weekend. The boys and I stayed close to home except for church which was really nice after having some really buys weekends before. I got a little bit of scrapping done and had a friend stop by for a visit which was nice. Yesterday began our church's annual Global Impact Conference and our missions pastor preached a great message on how we can know what God wants us to do according to Romans 12:1-2. We drove separate cars to church yesterday so that Micah could head off to school to study and then we met up again at church last night. Last night at church, we heard from two groups that went on missions trips and it was so good. I just sat and loved hearing how God had worked in people's lives as they traveled to different parts of the world. Yes, I shed a few tears and asked again why God had us in Oklahoma and not in France, but I left trusting and not too terribly sad, choosing instead to rejoice and be thankful for the work that our church is doing all over the world and knowing that I too have a part in that.

My friend Julie is hosting a little blog party over at her blog today, so I thought I would share a few pages that I got done this weekend. The first is a page from when William was just 5 months old and he was not a happy camper! Then, I managed to finish another page in the boys' first year books!

Hope you have a great week!


Melissa said…
Sorry your back is hurting! Maybe you'll get to relax a bit today.
Hopefully your back will bounce back soon. I love William's sad faces; it's so pitiful and cute!
listgirl said…
Hope your back feels better now! Todd hurt his back a few days ago too and didn't know how it happened. I love your layout. Great colors and your usage of patterned papers is awesome!

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