The boys and I are home this morning enjoying a quiet Saturday morning. We had a special treat of having pancakes for breakfast with Micah this morning and now he is gone to school for the day to study for his test on Monday. This week, it is in Histology (which, I think, is the study of tissue). He did awesome on his test last week. He got a very respectable B and we were all thrilled. For being his very first test ever in Anatomy and it being an 8000 level class, I say he did pretty well. I am very proud of him, if you can't tell.

The boys have played this morning and attempted to do exercises with me and are now watching an episode of Planet Earth that we DVRed last weekend. I have pulled out my old DVDs of Mari Winsor's Pilates that I faithfully did for a couple of months when we were first married. It is only a 20 minute workout and since I have been getting up so early with Micah, it has been good for me to do something. It is much more productive if I finish before the boys get up because when they are up, they want to sit on top of me, or lay right next to me on the floor and then get upset when I do a move that touches them. This morning, they tried to follow along and do some of them with me and then proceeded to ask me 15,000 times (literally) "you exercises ob-er?"

Some really funny stories from this week:
Thursday morning at breakfast, I was going through the boys Cubbies books with them. During Awana, there are puppets and I think people dressed up in costumes as Cubby Bear and Luv E Lamb and Ern E Elephant. Well, William kept saying something about Fuzzy and I could not understand him for the life of me. I was reading something to him about Luv E Lamb and he breaks in, "No, it's Fuzzy Lamb!" and there was seriously no convincing him of anything else. Then, I find a sheet with the words to the pledges that we do at the beginning of the night. The pledge to the American flag, Christian flag, and the Awana flag. If you have never stood across the gym and watched your little 3 year old boy(s) put their left hand over their belly while they "say" the pledge, then you just might not have lived. It is too cute! Anyway, I am practicing the words with them and we get to "I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag and to the Saviour...." and Xavier pipes up with "that's me!" and raises his hand. And William is all, "that's you 'zayb-'yer!" So, I earnestly try to explain to them that no, it is not Xavier, but Saviour. And Xavier just keeps saying "yeah, that's me!" In their defense, the way they pronounce Xavier and Saviour--they do sound alike, but obviously, we are going to work on them not thinking that the entire Awana group does a pledge in Xavier's honor every week!

I have been doing some experimenting in my cooking recently and although I don't take pictures of everything that I make, I am thinking about posting some of the 'recipes' that I have concocted, because it has been rather enjoyable which is unusual for me because normally I have a need to stick to the recipe.

I have managed to scrap a bit the last couple of days and tomorrow am looking forward to getting a few more pages done on the boys albums.

Hope everyone is enjoying a good weekend. I read somewhere that there are going to 5 coupon inserts in tomorrow's paper, so if you are into couponing, you might want to pick a few up. Also, I read this post last night on BooMama and it made me laugh out loud several times. There are like 300 comments, but seriously, some of them are gems as well.


I personally would love to see some new recipes!
(and I love pictures... I want to know what it is supposed to look like in the end) LOL
Amy said…
I am still laughing from the "Pledge" story...I can just hear their sweet little voices.

Please, please, please post some of your awesome recipes and pictures!!! I need as many new ideas as I can get.

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