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Thankful Thursday (Friday edition)

So, I completely forgot to post a Thankful Thursday post yesterday.  Our Bible study wrapped up last week and this week we had our traditional lunch to wrap everything up and this year, I helped my friend Angela cook for everyone.  We had so much fun doing it, but it was definitely a bit of work and when I got home around 2 in the afternoon, I was exhausted and basically didn't do much the rest of the day.  We were supposed to go to a little Halloween carnival thing that they were having at Micah's school, but to be honest, I was so tired and didn't really want to deal with it, but was willing to go if Micah wanted to so that we could meet some of his classmates, etc.  BUT,  I was rather thankful that Micah called and said that he had way too much studying to do and he would only go if we really wanted to.  So, yay for everyone on that account!

Here is my Friday edition of Thankful Thursday:

Good books that stretch my thinking, challenge me to grow, and enrich my life.  I h…


So, I have finally gotten through some of our pictures from the weekend.  Honestly, some days I take what seems like 15000 pictures and not one is good, much less really good.  But, the pictures that I have from this past weekend have completely made up for some of the not so great photo outings.  I got so many good pictures.  Maybe it has something to do with taking photos outside with a beautiful background, but I have just been so happy with them.  So, without further ado, here are some of my favorites!

These first ones were at the pumpkin patch which was out in Claremore about 20 minutes from us at a place called Shepherd's Cross.  I thought it was a pretty good place, it wasn't too fancy or anything, but it was free and there were fun things for the boys to do.  If it hadn't been so cold, we would have definitely stayed longer, but it was definitely worth the little trip out there and we will go again next year.

Mom and the boys showing off our pumpkin!

The boys playing …


We had a really great weekend with my parents, it just went by way too fast in opinion.  This morning, Micah is off to school, I am up trying to get my life in order before the boys get up. I am planning on doing laundry and some work stuff this morning and then will just wait and see what this afternoon brings.  I haven't even downloaded pictures from my camera from the weekend yet, so I am eager to do that as well.

On Friday morning, mom and I and boys headed to Homeland to get in on a good sale that they had.  We came out with several bags each of groceries and each spent about $25 so we felt pretty good about that.  I do have to say that going to the grocery store like that with two 3 year old boys does feel like its own special brand of torture!  That afternoon, we picked up my dad and headed to a pumpkin patch outside of town and we had a ton of fun there. I will give more details when I post the pictures, but the boys had a blast even though it was slightly frigid outside. …

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for the following:

It is Bible Study day and am excited to see everyone and watch the last video in this series.My parents are coming down for the weekend and I can't wait to see them!For a wonderful husband who is working so hard and doing so well in school--even though we do miss him.For two precious sweet, crazy, precocious, adorable, frustrating, hilarious boys who literally surprise me every day.For stores that do double coupons and have good sales--there are two stores in Tulsa this week doing this and I am so taking my mom as backup.For a God who loves us, who has given us His very words to read and to study and to nourish our souls, and who is an active part of our everyday life.  What a privilege to serve Him!What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday's Words

Recently overheard at my house:

Idiot--yes, the boys have heard this somewhere and although I don't think they know what it means, I do not want them saying it over and over to each times!How many snorings 'til grandma and PaPa be here? --  again, not sure where they started calling night "snoring" and it doesn't happen all the time, b/c it is usually just 'nap', but it completely cracked me up.'skusting'--interpretation: disgusting--just imagine Xavier's nose and face all wrinkled up as he says it--makes me laugh every time.  I try to discourage the use of this at the dinner table especially and last night, Xavier told me that his salad 'was not good for me.'  And the other night, Xavier and I were watching a Youtube video of an elderly woman crossing the street and she completely just hit the car waiting for her (who had honked at her before) and Xavier said 'that lady just hit the car' to which I replied, 'yes…

Yummy Chicken Recipe

After having a few weeks of unseasonable cold temperatures and feeling that fall had just passed us by, the last couple of days have been just beautiful.  It is a bit windy today, but we still managed to have a picnic on the front porch for lunch and I put the boys down for an early nap and told them that I would take them to the zoo when they wake up because it is so beautiful outside!

I was telling my sisters last weekend about this recipe and thought I would share it on here as well.  I have made it several times (which if you know me, that is quite an accomplishment, b/c I like to try out new recipes and often forget what is good and don't fix it for several months--or years!) and it is so easy and always turns out really good.

Zesty Italian Chicken

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1/2 c Italian salad dressing, divided
1/2 c grated Parmesan cheese, divided
1 tbsp Italian seasoning divided
4 potatoes peeled and quartered

Arrange chicken in slow cooker; sprinkle with half o…

Some of my favorite pics from our trip

Here are just a few of my favorite pics from our trip last week:

And this was all in just the first couple of days!  We really did have an amazing time. My dad brought the horses down from his house and even though it rained on Friday, it cleared up on Saturday and my aunt and uncle came and brought their grandkids and we had the best time giving rides on the horses, laughing, taking fun pictures with the cowboy hats and toy guns (props brought by my Uncle Larry especially for the photo opps of course!).  Then, when the boys went down for a nap, my dad and took the horses down for an extended ride down the road to the old road where my dad used to live, where my grandpa used to ride with us when we were little, where my great-grandmother still lives, and also where my sister got to drive a car for the first time when she was only 13--so many memories and it was so much fun for me and I think for my dad, too!  We stopped at my great grandmother's house and surprised her and had a li…

Duty Calls

Well, I am just popping in to say that yes, at some point, I will be posting an update on our trip to Missouri, it was absolutely wonderful.  I just don't even have the energy to type it all up at the moment and on top of that, we have like 475 pictures to go through and edit.  The good news is that my sister Melissa has managed to get some done and up on her blog, which you can see here.  I have been insanely busy with catching up on all things work related and am devoting most of today to laundry and the occasional cleaning.  We have a very busy weekend ahead of us--rehearsal dinner tonight, wedding of some friends tomorrow night, and Sunday night we are going to a U2 concert outside of Oklahoma City.   Oh, and Micah has another massive test on Tuesday.  And I have had more difficulty sleeping, waking up at 3:30 in the morning (which is literally the middle of the night to me!) yesterday and not going back to sleep until 9:45 pm.  So, yesterday was a really long day.  And I am d…

11:30 and headed to bed

I am not sure why I feel the need to write a little post tonight before I head to bed (way past my bedtime!) but I know that I won't get to update in a few days and what I really want to do is write about how awesome our Bible study was this morning, but I am going to save that for another post since it might require a little more coherence out of me.
We have had some serious rain the last several hours. I am just praying that it blows over and is gone by they time that I leave out tomorrow. What the weather site is saying though is that basically, I will be driving in the rain almost the entire way. I am not looking forward to that. i really hate to drive in the rain , so I have found myself praying often tonight that the rain would just move on out in front of me.
Obviously, nothing new to report here. My bags are packed, the boys spent the night at their grandparents tonight, so I am picking them up on my way out of town in about 7 1/2 hours, so really need to get to bed!

Thankful Thursday

After a very busy day again yesterday, I am delighted to say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think that I have figured out a system for some new responsibilities, work related. I have managed to muddle through the majority of my paperwork (home and work). The boys may have gotten the better of me yesterday, but I am determined to make today a better day with them. There is still much to be done today because the boys and I are taking off to meet up with my parents and sisters at my grandparents' houses in Missouri for a few days followed by a couple of days with my dear friend Jill. Micah will be home studying undistracted for these days, and he has another huge test coming up early next week, so this trip is probably coming at a good time. I am not super excited about the 8 hour trip with the boys, but seeing my family is definitely worth it. As sad as I get about not being in France some days, I am so thankful that we live where we can get in a car and dr…

Wednesday already?

I don't know how it has already Wednesday this week. We have just been busy busy busy this week. There has been a ton of stuff to do with work this week. I am doing Micah's 'old' job working for his dad, doing a lot of admin asst. stuff, working with the billing company for his anesthesia group, payroll, etc. Last week, we switched to a new billing company and so there has just been lots of extra running around and making sure that things are getting done and for some reason, it has just made me a bit crazy this week. Yesterday, Micah's mom took the boys all day for me which was a huge blessing. I was able to get some errands run for home and office and also had a 3 month check up with my oncologist. Good news is that there is no news--honestly, my favorite kind of appointment. He did kindly exhort me to be taking my calcium and vitamin D supplements on a more consistent basis. I know that I need to, and I don't know why I have had such a hard time rem…

Some pics from Saturday's festivities

This year marked the second annual Halloween/Fall party that Micah's parents have done with their grandkids that live in town. They pick them up around noon and take them back to their house for an afternoon filled with fun, games, food, and ends with the parents coming and taking pictures with the fall decorations and a hot dog roast. This year, his parents rented one of the inflatable bounce house deals and they all (adults included) had a blast. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the time that we were there:

Lightroom has not been my friend

This weekend I have spent an unbelievable amount of time in the attempt to clean out Lightroom which is an amazing photo editing program, but one that I apparently have not figured out how to manage. It also doesn't help that we literally have thousands of photos on my hard drive and in an attempt to actually work through the First Year Project, I have been loading thousands of photos into Lightroom and have been inadvertently duplicating those photos and so I was then storing two sets and on top of that storing that many photos in Lightroom causes your computer to run REALLY slow. So, I have spent HOURS this weekend attempting to organize my photos so that I know which ones that I want to scrap from current photos and then come up with some sort of system to catalog all of the 50,000 from the boys' first year. The good news is that I think I have come up with a system that will work for me, the bad news is that I feel like I have accomplished little else this weekend. But…


I am so thankful that it is Friday. This has been the craziest week with work, consignment sale stuff, some cooking/baking that I had committed myself to, and oh yeah, taking care of twin 3.5 year old boys who never seem to stop moving!!!! Seriously, it has been a busy week, and I am so looking forward to the weekend. I plan on cleaning the house today and that is pretty much my plan for the day and the weekend. The boys have the annual Fall/Halloween party at their grandparents house tomorrow and Micah has a major test coming on Monday, so I will get to enjoy some quiet hours at home. Whatever will I do?
The boys have been completely cracking me up this week. Last night, we went on a little "date" to a coffee shop where I let them get these little cupcakes and then we put puzzles together and read books. This was our conversation on the way to the "date": X: Mommy, what shape is a date?M: well, I am not sure that a date has a shape.X: Houses are rectanglesM…