Duty Calls

Well, I am just popping in to say that yes, at some point, I will be posting an update on our trip to Missouri, it was absolutely wonderful.  I just don't even have the energy to type it all up at the moment and on top of that, we have like 475 pictures to go through and edit.  The good news is that my sister Melissa has managed to get some done and up on her blog, which you can see here.  I have been insanely busy with catching up on all things work related and am devoting most of today to laundry and the occasional cleaning.  We have a very busy weekend ahead of us--rehearsal dinner tonight, wedding of some friends tomorrow night, and Sunday night we are going to a U2 concert outside of Oklahoma City.   Oh, and Micah has another massive test on Tuesday.  And I have had more difficulty sleeping, waking up at 3:30 in the morning (which is literally the middle of the night to me!) yesterday and not going back to sleep until 9:45 pm.  So, yesterday was a really long day.  And I am dying to post about my trip and my Bible study and I need to scrap for some creative teams that I am on, but I am just not finding the time or the energy at the moment.  On top of all of that "pressing" stuff, I am seriously tired of my blog header and need to update those pictures, but don't really know when that is going to get done.  Anyway, just wanted to say, I am still alive, we had an amazing time with family and with our friends and I am incredibly grateful that we got to go.


Amy said…
Wow! I'm out of breath just reading all of that! :) I'm glad you're back and hope you are able to get everything done. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures from the trip and reading about the fun...and especially the sweet stories about the boys. Hope you have a good weekend...enjoy the wedding and concert! Love you!

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