I am so thankful that it is Friday. This has been the craziest week with work, consignment sale stuff, some cooking/baking that I had committed myself to, and oh yeah, taking care of twin 3.5 year old boys who never seem to stop moving!!!! Seriously, it has been a busy week, and I am so looking forward to the weekend. I plan on cleaning the house today and that is pretty much my plan for the day and the weekend. The boys have the annual Fall/Halloween party at their grandparents house tomorrow and Micah has a major test coming on Monday, so I will get to enjoy some quiet hours at home. Whatever will I do?

The boys have been completely cracking me up this week. Last night, we went on a little "date" to a coffee shop where I let them get these little cupcakes and then we put puzzles together and read books. This was our conversation on the way to the "date":
  • X: Mommy, what shape is a date?
  • M: well, I am not sure that a date has a shape.
  • X: Houses are rectangles
  • M: yes, sometimes, they are shaped like rectangles
  • W: (with his hands up by his mouth, so excited!) maybe it will be a triangle!!
Every time we leave the house, Xavier wants to know where we are going and then wants to know what street it is on. Then, they both like to 'count' the letters on the STOP sign. And by count, I mean they like to say the letters S-T-O-P. I can't quite convince them that you don't count the letters.

I forgot to share last week when Micah's classmates came over, Xavier really wanted to pray and this is what he prayed: Dear Jesus, thank you fer this day, thank you fer this food, thank you fer daddy's friends, and thank you fer dere test...." It was very sweet and I am pretty sure he charmed them all.

One other thing, I think that the boys might just be sentimental like Micah and I are. We are finally (and sadly) getting rid of their stroller. I haven't used it in months; they are just too big and besides, they like to walk. But, it has just made me a bit sad to get rid of it. It was a seriously important part of their baby life giving me the freedom to go lots of places by myself with them. But, alas, there is absolutely NO reason to hang on to it. Maybe I should just take a picture and scrap a layout though! :) So, I have sold it on craigslist and was loading it into the van to deliver it. The boys were curious and wanted to know why we were taking their stroller. And when I told them, I honestly thought that William was going to cry, he just couldn't quite understand why I was going to get rid of it. They felt the same way about their clothes earlier in the week. They did not really want me to sell them.

I have managed to scrap a couple of times this week in short time increments. And I am kind of stuck at the moment in baby baby pictures and was realizing this week that I need to be working on some current ones as well!


I love the excitement your boys have for things.
listgirl said…
I love the little stories you are writing about the boys on here, what great treasures and memories! The layout with the two little pea pods is TOO cute!

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