Lightroom has not been my friend

This weekend I have spent an unbelievable amount of time in the attempt to clean out Lightroom which is an amazing photo editing program, but one that I apparently have not figured out how to manage. It also doesn't help that we literally have thousands of photos on my hard drive and in an attempt to actually work through the First Year Project, I have been loading thousands of photos into Lightroom and have been inadvertently duplicating those photos and so I was then storing two sets and on top of that storing that many photos in Lightroom causes your computer to run REALLY slow. So, I have spent HOURS this weekend attempting to organize my photos so that I know which ones that I want to scrap from current photos and then come up with some sort of system to catalog all of the 50,000 from the boys' first year. The good news is that I think I have come up with a system that will work for me, the bad news is that I feel like I have accomplished little else this weekend. But that is okay. The boys had a blast at their Halloween party at their grandparents, Micah had a blast studying for 12-14 hours a day, and I am having a blast now that I know that my Lightroom catalog is currently at zero. And now that everyone reading this blog is completely snoozing from reading about my riveting weekend, I am going to shut my computer down and let it rest after its hard work this weekend!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was great to be in church this morning and as much as I loved having an afternoon to myself yesterday, I found myself wanting to spend a few extra minutes with my boys today, because it was so quiet yesterday and I just love them so much!


listgirl said…
Hi Becky - I've been taking the free LR class at Creative Techs and I've learned a lot of stuff about importing photos and how to tag them and sort through them and things like that. I do have some cleaning up to do in LR, because I've inadvertently moved some folders outside of LR and now those references links are broken. BUT I really love it. It is great to be able to process AND catalog in the same software.

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