We had a really great weekend with my parents, it just went by way too fast in opinion.  This morning, Micah is off to school, I am up trying to get my life in order before the boys get up. I am planning on doing laundry and some work stuff this morning and then will just wait and see what this afternoon brings.  I haven't even downloaded pictures from my camera from the weekend yet, so I am eager to do that as well.

On Friday morning, mom and I and boys headed to Homeland to get in on a good sale that they had.  We came out with several bags each of groceries and each spent about $25 so we felt pretty good about that.  I do have to say that going to the grocery store like that with two 3 year old boys does feel like its own special brand of torture!  That afternoon, we picked up my dad and headed to a pumpkin patch outside of town and we had a ton of fun there. I will give more details when I post the pictures, but the boys had a blast even though it was slightly frigid outside.  Saturday, mom and I headed to Sephora for a quick trip while the boys were sleeping then we went and met Micah at school and flew kites with the boys.  That was so much fun. I really don't remember the last time I flew a kite and the boys had a blast.  Again, pictures and video to come!  Then, we headed over to Woodward Park in Tulsa to see some of the beautiful fall colors and take some pictures.  Apparently, we were not the only ones with this idea because everywhere you looked you saw people taking pictures.  I probably saw at least 20 professional looking photographers, plus just families like ours.  It was beautiful and I am hoping that we got some good pictures, although the boys were being pretty persnickety and did not want to have their pictures taken.  We came home, made homemade pizza, and pretty much collapsed on the couch.  Their visit went by way too fast.  It was so much fun for me to have them here.  Mom and I got up Friday and Saturday and walked while the kids and dad were still sleeping.  Dad played with the boys almost non-stop--there is absolutely NOTHING in this world like hearing your little ones laughing hysterically and playing with your parents.  And we had lots of good laughs and talks with mom and dad in between.  I am just so incredibly grateful for such godly parents and that we have such a sweet relationship. I do wish that we lived closer together and could see each other more, but for now, I will be content with enjoying the times that we have together.

Now, it is back to somewhat normal, although I really don't think that life is ever normal, there are always things going on.  But that is okay, I am learning to take life as it comes and remember to take the little moments to enjoy family and friends!


Amy said…
It sounds like you had such a fun weekend! I'm glad you had such a special time with your parents. I can't wait to see the pictures and videos! Hope you have a good week!
I am so glad you got to spend this wonderful time with your parents. It is a rare blessing to have a close relationship with your parents. I feel so fortunate to have enjoyed that with mine. Cherish every moment.
LaCombe said…
Hi Becky! Haven't been on the site for a while, but sounds like you are enjoying the fall weather. I do miss the colors, but not the cold. Florida is quite hot still and no changing colors. Can't wait to see the pics. Love and Prayers, Kathy

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