So, I have finally gotten through some of our pictures from the weekend.  Honestly, some days I take what seems like 15000 pictures and not one is good, much less really good.  But, the pictures that I have from this past weekend have completely made up for some of the not so great photo outings.  I got so many good pictures.  Maybe it has something to do with taking photos outside with a beautiful background, but I have just been so happy with them.  So, without further ado, here are some of my favorites!

These first ones were at the pumpkin patch which was out in Claremore about 20 minutes from us at a place called Shepherd's Cross.  I thought it was a pretty good place, it wasn't too fancy or anything, but it was free and there were fun things for the boys to do.  If it hadn't been so cold, we would have definitely stayed longer, but it was definitely worth the little trip out there and we will go again next year.

Mom and the boys showing off our pumpkin!

The boys playing corn arrow darts--I love mom's expression.  The boys just throw themselves wholeheartedly into whatever they are doing, and it is a miracle somedays that no one gets hurt!

Dad showing the boys how to play horse shoes.  Fortunately, these were simply plastic horse shoes because this would have certainly been a classic case of someone getting hurt!

Bowling with baby gourds and corn husks

Looking for a squirrel at Woodward Park

Xavier and Micah

Completely posing for pictures, but I thought they turned out cute!

My sweet boys (you would never know that they have been terrors this week from looking at these pictures!)

Me and my mom

Mom and dad

This one might be my favorite one--it just sums up my life right now--craziness climbing on my lap all hugs and smiles and laughs!! and even though it is craziness in my life right now, I look at this picture and I know that I am blessed beyond measure!

I have been busy working on work stuff and the house and tomorrow is our Bible Study lunch that another lady and I are preparing for everyone and Micah has another huge test coming up next week (I am waiting for a test NOT to be huge, but I think I might be waiting awhile!) so there hasn't been much time for scrapping. I am working slowly on a two page layout with lots of these pictures, and I need to be scrapping more for my creative teams, so I should maybe quit blogging and get to working on something!

Happy Wednesday--guess what tomorrow is....Thankful Thursday!


Amy said…
Oh, Becky, these are soooo good! I think my favorites are the boys laying in the leaves side by side(their expressions are so cute!) and the one of you and the boys in the leaves. I'm glad you had such a wonderful and fun visit with your family.

P.S. I hope you don't mind but I might borrow your Thankful Thursday idea...I've run out of blog ideas! LOL!
Judy from Tokyo said…
Becky, I absolutely LOVE these pictures, and the joy they show!
Judy Bailey
Melissa said…
You definitely got some great pics!
Great pictures. My favorite is the same as yours-the one of you and the boys.
I LOVE the one of your boys and you. Adorable!
LaCombe said…
Beautiful Pictures! Fun, Happiness, Love! It tells it all! Love ya, Kathy

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