Some of my favorite pics from our trip

Here are just a few of my favorite pics from our trip last week:

And this was all in just the first couple of days!  We really did have an amazing time. My dad brought the horses down from his house and even though it rained on Friday, it cleared up on Saturday and my aunt and uncle came and brought their grandkids and we had the best time giving rides on the horses, laughing, taking fun pictures with the cowboy hats and toy guns (props brought by my Uncle Larry especially for the photo opps of course!).  Then, when the boys went down for a nap, my dad and took the horses down for an extended ride down the road to the old road where my dad used to live, where my grandpa used to ride with us when we were little, where my great-grandmother still lives, and also where my sister got to drive a car for the first time when she was only 13--so many memories and it was so much fun for me and I think for my dad, too!  We stopped at my great grandmother's house and surprised her and had a little visit with her.  Later, she came up to my grandparents' house and we took a picture of 5 generations of Hales--my great-grandma, my grandpa, my dad, my sister and I and are kids.  I was thinking during our trip about how blessed our boys are to have 6 grandmas and 5 grandpas living.  I hope that we can always teach them about how blessed our family is!

I will have to get to posting the rest of the pictures later, I have just managed to get these edited in Lightroom and thought I would go ahead and post them before too much time has gone by.  We had a really good weekend.  Our friends CW and Loren got married on Saturday and the wedding was really beautiful.  I was the coordinator for the wedding and so I spent quite a bit of my weekend there and although it was cold for an outdoor wedding--it turned out really beautiful and we had a great time.  Yesterday, we had church and then deposited the boys with their grandparents before heading to Oklahoma City where we met up with a college friend who was in from Nashville for some ice cream before heading to the U2 concert.  They are one of Micah's favorite bands and before we got married, I have to admit that I really couldn't have even told you one song that they sang, but he likes to think that he has now educated me in their music.  The last time they performed in Oklahoma was 26 years ago when I was only 5, so they have obviously been around a long time. Micah got the tickets for his birthday in May, so we have had a while to anticipate the concert and of course, we didn't know that Micah would be in medical school (although we definitely hoped!) and unfortunately, Micah has a test tomorrow so we drove back late last night and we have been a bit exhausted today.  But, the concert was amazing, definitely the largest concert I have ever been to with close to 50,000 people, and it was a really good show.  Our seats were at the very top of the lower level and I felt like we completely lucked out by having the wall behind us and we were able to stand up and lean against the wall for the concert--it also helped to block some of the wind.  Here we are at the concert along with Micah's brother and his wife.  I only took our small point and shoot camera and so we didn't take many concert pictures, although we did get some fun video of the show complete with Micah singing along! :)

Well, I managed to do a bit of an update along with some pics. I am headed to bed and hoping that tomorrow brings a more rested Becky!


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