Thankful Thursday

After a very busy day again yesterday, I am delighted to say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think that I have figured out a system for some new responsibilities, work related. I have managed to muddle through the majority of my paperwork (home and work). The boys may have gotten the better of me yesterday, but I am determined to make today a better day with them. There is still much to be done today because the boys and I are taking off to meet up with my parents and sisters at my grandparents' houses in Missouri for a few days followed by a couple of days with my dear friend Jill. Micah will be home studying undistracted for these days, and he has another huge test coming up early next week, so this trip is probably coming at a good time. I am not super excited about the 8 hour trip with the boys, but seeing my family is definitely worth it. As sad as I get about not being in France some days, I am so thankful that we live where we can get in a car and drive to see them--that was definitely one of the hardest things about living overseas.

Okay, here is my thankful Thursday list:
  • I am finding a system that is good for work stuff.
  • As hard as it is to find the balance sometimes, I am incredibly thankful to work from home and to spend these years with my sweet, precious, adorable, yet exasperating boys!
  • Bible studies--We are doing Jennifer Rothschild's Me Myself and Lies and it is convicting me and ministering to me and just challenging me to be the woman God has called me to be! I highly highly recommend it.
  • Micah is doing so well in med school--passing and more than passing all of his tests. He amazes me at how he is learning so much and enjoying it even though he is exhausted.
  • I get to see my parents and sisters and grandparents tomorrow--I miss them all so much.
  • I found time to finish up this layout last night and am so happy with it!

Okay, that was my list, what are you thankful for this week?


Tia said…
I'm thankful for my Savior...I was reading about the crucifixion this morning and I found tears rolling down my face. Brutal reality. My family...I have the best husband and daughter ever! Good friends, for camping with us this weekend! I guess I should quit before I run out of space. Have a great time with your family becky!

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