Wednesday already?

I don't know how it has already Wednesday this week. We have just been busy busy busy this week. There has been a ton of stuff to do with work this week. I am doing Micah's 'old' job working for his dad, doing a lot of admin asst. stuff, working with the billing company for his anesthesia group, payroll, etc. Last week, we switched to a new billing company and so there has just been lots of extra running around and making sure that things are getting done and for some reason, it has just made me a bit crazy this week. Yesterday, Micah's mom took the boys all day for me which was a huge blessing. I was able to get some errands run for home and office and also had a 3 month check up with my oncologist. Good news is that there is no news--honestly, my favorite kind of appointment. He did kindly exhort me to be taking my calcium and vitamin D supplements on a more consistent basis. I know that I need to, and I don't know why I have had such a hard time remembering. So, I am recommitting to making sure that I get my vitamins in. He also told me that he really does think that I am having some lymphedema issues in my right arm, that I am pretty sure I have been ignoring and in denial about for the last couple of weeks, so I am going to need to start wearing my compression sleeve and glove. Which I am not too excited about, but know that it is a necessary evil right now. And the only horrible news for me was that I gained 4.5 lbs in the last 3 months. I shouldn't be surprised because some of my pants have definitely been fitting me a bit tighter, but I have again been living in denial that if I am completely stress eating and not exercising, then the inevitable weight gain is going to happen. I really want to lose that poundage by the time I go back in December, mostly because it will make me feel better about myself, and I don't want to buy any new clothes because my old ones don't fit...oh and it would probably be healthier for me to actually do some exercise and not stress eat so much. Okay, so after re-reading that, I guess you could say that there is some news, but nothing that simple changes can't correct and I will take that kind of news any day of the week!

I did allow myself an hour or so of scrapping time last night, but didn't quite finish the layout. I had fun working with the pictures from the boys party at the grandparents and will hopefully be able to finish it up sometime today.

The boys continue to crack me up with the things that they say. Here are a few examples from this week, some of them obviously are a direct result of what they hear from us.
  • X: Are you okay, sweetheart? W: I'm okay, mom. (Xavier has also been heard calling him sweet pea as well as sweetheart, as these are terms of endearments that we often call them! It completely makes me laugh and the mom comment comes only when they are pretend playing with their animals and superheroes.)
  • After a particularly frustrating moment of disobedience with William, I very exasperatedly said, "I am going to beat the tar out of you!" (not that I was planning to, it was just the first thing that came to my mind). W: what's the tard? I don't want you to beat the tard. (humor always diffuses the frustration, doesn't it?)
  • X: I had a little ax-kadent (accident). [if only you could see the look on his face as he meticulously articulates every syllable in his made up word.]
  • W: (in a very stern voice) you have to BE careful. it is berry (very) dangerous. I don't want you to get hurt!
  • I can't remember if I have shared this on here before, but they are obsessed at the moment with knowing where every piece of food comes from (i.e. which store) and also what it makes (the answers range from strong muscles, energy, mashed potatoes, I think that I have even told them that yummy completely non nutritional food just makes our mouths happy.) They STILL do not ask why, but I think this might be their own version of it.
Okay, Happy Wednesday, everyone. It is time to get to work!


Anonymous said…
Funny boys! Can't wait to see them Friday!!
Love, Mom

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