Wednesday's Words

Recently overheard at my house:

  • Idiot--yes, the boys have heard this somewhere and although I don't think they know what it means, I do not want them saying it over and over to each times!
  • How many snorings 'til grandma and PaPa be here? --  again, not sure where they started calling night "snoring" and it doesn't happen all the time, b/c it is usually just 'nap', but it completely cracked me up.
  • 'skusting'--interpretation: disgusting--just imagine Xavier's nose and face all wrinkled up as he says it--makes me laugh every time.  I try to discourage the use of this at the dinner table especially and last night, Xavier told me that his salad 'was not good for me.'  And the other night, Xavier and I were watching a Youtube video of an elderly woman crossing the street and she completely just hit the car waiting for her (who had honked at her before) and Xavier said 'that lady just hit the car' to which I replied, 'yes, that isn't very nice, is it?' 'no, that's a skusting lady!'
  • "this is killing me"--when one of them is struggling with his straps on his car seat
  • And these are my favorite things to hear and fortunately for me, I get to hear them multiple times every day:  "I love you, mommy!"  " Mommy, you the best!"  "mommy, I love you"  
Yesterday after we came home from the zoo, the boys were playing outside while I cooked supper and I could hear them, but hadn't gone and looked specifically out at them and when I did, this is what I saw:

Yes, that is Xavier sitting in his lawn chair on top of their picnic table and shooting baskets!  I had to take a picture, but did inform him that this is dangerous and he is not to do it anymore.

Happy Wednesday!


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