feeling better

I have felt much better today, the only problem right now is that it is currently 1:21 in the morning and I am wide awake.  So, I thought I could at least update my blog with all of the pages that I have managed to scrap this weekend.


Although I was feeling much better today and really wanted to get out and get some things done, I forced myself to stay in and just rest and I do think that has helped although being up until 1:30 in the morning makes it seem like I am a little too well rested. I am sure that tomorrow morning may not feel so restful, but, alas, I hate laying in bed wide awake!

The boys made it back home around four this afternoon and although it was nice to have the house to myself for a couple of days, I was ready to see their sweet faces again and I think they kind of missed us as well.  Xavier (who is definitely the more affectionate of the two) pretty much stayed in my lap the entire evening--giving me lots of hugs and kisses and declaring passionately, "I love the mess out of you!"  which completely cracks me up every time he says it.  I knew that they were tired and so we got their pajamas on them and had them clean their room and at 6ish settled in on the couch together to watch a Planet Earth.  Around 6:30, I noticed that Xavier who was cuddled up with me, seemed extra relaxed and sure enough that child had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I honestly don't remember the last time that happened.  He never even woke up when Micah picked him up and carried him to his bed.  William on the other hand, although he was tired, he kept a running commentary the entire show, repeating whatever the narrator said, telling us what she said, pointing out the different animals, etc.  We really could not keep him from talking which in turn was frustrating and hysterical to us.

This week should be rather busy.  I have obvious catch up things from the weekend and then on Friday and Saturday, I am headed to a women's retreat in Southern Alabama where I will be speaking twice. I am looking forward to it and was able to spend some good time this morning working on it.  I do feel like God has given me so many opportunities to share how good He has been to us and I am so thankful for that, but it is also hard for me to go back and visit those difficult places in my soul.  Even though, I see His care and provision, there are still definitely deep emotions that go along with it all and it is not always easy for me to go "there."


Anonymous said…
A belated happy birthday, Becky!!
We should have celebrated yours and Melissa's when you were here!
That was such a nice way to spend it Saturday, and such nice in-laws!
We'll be praying for you as you go to AL.
Love, Grandma E.
Anonymous said…
Love the new look of your blog! Mom
Anonymous said…
I am from South Alabama, and although I am unable to attend this years retreat I have been praying for you. I attented the National WAC Convention the year you spoke and you have not been far from my heart since then. I was so excited when they announced you were one of the speakers, and then disappointed when I learned I would not be able to attend. It is a wonnderful retreat and you will do great!!! I will continue to pray for you and your family!!

Jennifer Miller
South Alabama pastors wife :)
LaCombe said…
Sorry you weren't feeling well, but happy you are much better and able to go and speak. I sure wish I could be going, cause I love to hear your story and how Good God can be! I understand how hard it can be for you to tell it, yet how rewarding to know that there is that one person going through this and that you are showing how Good God is and that God will get you through it all. Praying for you for safe travel and that God will speack through you! Love you Becky!
Beth T. said…
I'll be praying for you as well! Wish that I could be there!!!

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