Happy Birthday to me

Well, to celebrate my birthday, the entire digital scrapbooking community got together and decided to have a HUGE celebration and call it International Digital Scrapbooking Day--there are sales and freebies and games galore!!  Actually, this happens every first Saturday of November and it just happened to fall on my birthday this year.  Since I have been scrapping, I have always had something going on on this day and have never really gotten to fully enjoy it like I have wanted to.  So, a few weeks ago, I told Micah that my perfect day would be to have his mom watch the boys (since I knew that he would have a test!) and I could spend the entire day in front of my computer.  Who knew that I would get to do just that, partly for my birthday, but partly because I am sick and not feeling so great.  I have been fighting a cough for several days and it has just continued to progress until starting last night, my voice is much lower than normal and as long as I don't move too much, I don't feel too bad.  Fortunately, no one else has gotten sick and I am hoping that it stays that way!  Micah got up this morning and fixed me pancakes and his mom brought a cake over to me, I have gotten sweet phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages, and am feeling quite loved on this birthday!

It feels like it has been so long since I have updated my blog that I don't even know what I have updated and haven't updated.  So, I will keep this short and just share a couple of layouts that I have managed to get done.


LaCombe said…
Happy birthday, Becky! Glad you got to enjoy your day, breakfast and cake, yum! Sorry your aren't feeling well, so Prayers for you to get better quickly! Love the new pic for Derby Doo! You do such a great job on scrapbooking! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and again a Big Happy Birthday! Love, Kathy

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