November Recap

Well, in the spirit of continuing with this tradition, I have been thinking the last couple of days of things that we have done this month to help me remember what happened in November 2009.  Is it bad when you have to pull out the calendar to help you remember what happened this month?

  • Our friends' daughter turned one and the boys and I headed out to her grandparent's farm for a bonfire and hayride.  The boys had a blast playing at the farm and pretending to be "super spys" with our friends' nieces.  It was one of the first events that I had to attend by myself with the boys since Micah had some big tests coming up. I know that it won't be the last one though.
  • The boys have started to LOVE writing or drawing in a notebook with a pencil or pen.  If he could, Xavier would carry a pen and paper everywhere with him drawing and doodling as he does everything.  They both love to see their names written and I can't count how many times a day I hear, "mommy, can you draw my name?"
  • In the spirit of Thanksgiving and our desire to teach them that they have much to be thankful for and not always needing new stuff, we began the tradition of each sharing one thing that we are thankful for each night before praying.  Of course, theirs tend to center on which toy they spot first as their eyes roam around the room.  Then, we each take turns praying and thanking God for what we are thankful for and this is heard most nights, "thank you for my George, thank for I'm thankful for."  There is always room for growth, isn't there?
  • We spent Thanksgiving with Micah's parents and his brother and his family here in Owasso and were joined by a friend of Micah's from school who had stayed in town rather than risk getting snowed in in Wisconsin and missing some precious school days.
  • They were very excited about Thanksgiving because that meant that we were going to eat pie.  When we woke up on Thanksgiving morning, you would have thought that they had just won the lottery with all of the shouts of "yay!! it's thankssssssgiiiiivvvving!!"  At lunch that day, they ate really well and especially enjoyed the 'marshyellows' aka sweet potatoes.
  • Common phrases heard around our house these days:
    • this is killing me
    • yeah, sure (pronounced shore, apparently Xavier has a bit of Canadian in him!)
    • Wait to me, that to me, that to my brudder--we need to work on preposition use, I guess
    • I am starving, my stomach is grumbling
    • you got to be care-pull, that is berry dangerous
    • there's b-donalds (i.e. McDonalds)
    • I want to watch a show
    • you got two more minutes!  (this comes from me enforcing time limits on things so that they will take turns.)
  • I am still reading Revolutionary Parenting and being encouraged by it to not follow the norm in parenting our boys, but to make specific choices that will teach and train them to be the godly men, I desire them to be.  Also, reading Crazy Love which I highly highly recommend even though if you really read it, prepare to be convicted about many things in life.  On the reading list for December is to finish Revolutionary Parenting and also read another book by Donald Miller (author of Blue Like Jazz) called Searching for God Knows What.
  • I got an early start on the Christmas season and put up our Christmas tree yesterday.  This morning, Xavier was looking at the stockings and wanted to know which 'sock' was his--completely cracked me up.
  • I also traveled to Alabama for a very quick women's retreat and was so encouraged by the women that I met and the other speaker for the weekend. I am so thankful for the number of women who shared with me their stories of being diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age and yet 20 and 30 years later they are still living and have lived really full wonderful lives.
  • Christmas cards got November for probably the first time ever.
  • Micah studied and went to school--seriously, that is his life!
Hope that your November was great, thanks for indulging my recollections of ours!


Anonymous said…
Becky, I've been forgetting to mention that someone left a denim bag here, and I'm thinking it belongs to your boys. There's some papers with one of the boy's names on it. Sound familiar. I'd be glad to mail it. It's seems to be a handy little tote.

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