October Roundup

Since I first started scrapping, I have admired others' pages that did a little monthly summary for their kids, especially in the first year or at different milestones.  I kept thinking...'ooh, I so need to do that, but I don't have time right now, I am sure that I will remember in a few weeks what was going on!'  Well, that was just a futile thought because most days I have a hard time remembering what we did yesterday, much less what specifically the boys accomplished or milestones they reached when they were 8 months old!  So, as I was catching up on some blog reading this week, I read this post over at the Daily Digi about doing a monthly round up to help ME remember what we did each month, what was accomplished, not accomplished, what books I read, what fun things we did, etc.  So, here goes with my first one and hopefully not my last.....I can't make any promises though.....those of you who have been around for awhile know that it is really only recently that my Thankful Thursdays have been popping up with some regularity.  {Right, Kari?  BAG!!}  <----that would be a little silly joke with Kari!  We were instant messaging the other day and were coming up with new little IM acronyms.  BAG is the new LOL in our world because we used to always say 'busting a gut' (i.e. BAG).  I don't know if it will catch on or not, but she dared me to put it on my blog and I'm not really one to ignore a dare like that that will just make me laugh or BAG (i.e. busting a gut).

Whew! That really got me sidetracked!

Here is my October Review ( I can't bring myself to say Round Up any more because it feels a bit Okie/cowboyish and I like to think that I am anything, but Okie!):

  • The boys had their 2nd annual Halloween Party at Dale and Linda's house where there was a bounce house, a cookout, a search for ghosts, cupcakes, juice boxes and goodie bags
  • We had the 2nd annual Hale Fall Break Reunion by going to my grandparents' houses along with my mom and dad, sisters and niece and nephew. Micah had to stay here and study this year, but the horses got to come along with my parents and we spent a busy three days laughing, playing, and riding horses!
  • On that same trip, we got to spend a couple of days with our dear friends Sean and Jill and the boys had a great time playing with their daughter Lola who is just a few months older than them.  They loved dancing to music CDs together, playing dress up, and got to enjoy their very first tea party, after which they declared, "this was a really fun tea party!"  
  • Our friends CW and Loren got married and the boys went to their very first wedding. I was coordinating, so I was a bit nervous about them sitting still with their daddy and grandparents, but they did great, announcing that Loren was wearing a white dress and basically charming the entire place--which really is no different than any other time.
  • Micah and I got to go to the U2 concert which was a first for me and completely won me over.
  • My parents came for a quick visit so that my dad could do some business with Dale and we had a great time going to Shepherd's Cross pumpkin patch.  The boys have so much fun with my dad and it just delights me to see their faces and hear their giggles.  We went and flew kites at  Micah's school and then ended the afternoon at Woodward Park where the leaves were in full color.
  • I finished up my ladies' Bible Study at church Me, Myself and Lies and then my friend Angela and I cooked for the ladies luncheon which was a ton of work but great fun!
  • The boys continue to love Awanas on Wednesday nights. I love to hear them ask if they are going to Cubbies every time we go to church.  They can never decide if Mr. Fred in Wee Worship (on Sunday mornings) or Miss Janna in Cubbies (on Wednesday nights) or Miss Edna (their Sunday School teacher)  is their favorite class to go to. They are learning so many Bible verses and I am so proud of what they are learning.
  • One of my favorite stories from this month is when we went to the zoo.  We went into the Rainforest building and that is where they kind of have birds and little rodents running around and Xavier really got freaked out by it all.  I decided to make it a teachable moment and taught them the verse that my mom taught me when I was a child and that I STILL repeat whenever I am fearful:  When I am afraid, I will trust in God.  It is SO incredibly sweet to hear your child say those words and then you just pray that they WILL trust God in everything.
  • Tonight, we are headed to Trunk or Treat where the boys are dressing as cowboys.  There is no doubt this year that they completely know what is going on and are pretty excited about the candy!
  • They are continuing to learn their letters and are love to spell everything that they see, every sign, every store, every billboard.  
  • Xavier especially is obsessed with coloring lately. I think that he could spend hours with his box of colored pencils or a pen and just scribble all over it, trace his superheroes, anything.  
  • Probably the most common phrase I hear out of their mouths these days is "what that makes?"  Up to this point, I feel like we have pretty much escaped the "why" question, but I have decided that "what that makes?" just might be their own special brand of that.
  • My arm is swelling with lymphedema again which is just frustrating. I am wearing my glove and sleeve faithfully in an effort for it to get back to normal.
  • I am reading Creative Correction and Revolutionary Parenting both of which are challenging and encouraging me.
So, I wrote the majority of this post on Saturday and it is now Tuesday afternoon.  Craziness!!  Hope you had a wonderful October and are looking ahead to a great November!


Amy said…
I enjoyed your review since it made me feel like I just sat down and a good talk with you about what's been going on with you.

The "BAG" thing completely cracks me up since whenever I say "bust a gut" I always think about you, Kari, and Kathy. Good times! I think I'm going to have to start using "BAG" also!! :)
Kari said…
Oooo, I like this new idea!!! It took me awhile to get past the "BAG" part though...since that made me... well...BAG!
LaCombe said…
You are one busy lady! I admire all you do! When you bring the boys to Disney World, stop by, we are a little less than an hour from there. Love, Kathy
Elizabeth Lemons said…
I would like to make a small correction and say that my wedding was your boys first ever wedding! Considering they were only 5 months old, I'm quite sure they don't remember it though. :)

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