http://masonymelissa.wordpress.com/I thought I would do a random list of happenings at our house:

  • Sometime in the last couple of weeks, the 'on' switch has been flipped with William and the child talks non-stop.  Literally, telling stories, repeating what he has just heard, senseless babble, you name it, the child is saying it.
  • I really think that both boys are coming down with the nasty cough/cold thing I had going on a few weeks ago and William when he got up this morning, was coughing and said, "we need to pray for me."  So, in an effort to teach them that we can always pray, I asked Xavier if he would like to pray for his brother, and he very sweetly said a prayer for his brother to feel better.
  • We are gearing up for finals at our house.  Micah told me this morning that the library was going to be open until midnight during finals and that we most likely would not be seeing much of him those days.  It is hard to believe that we have already reached this point, I remember when he started there were like 17 or 18 weeks to the semester and we were celebrating when he reached the end of the first week and had survived.
  • It has definitely gotten cold here the last couple of days. We even turned our heat on, which is fine, but I was really enjoying the practically non-existent gas and electric bills because of our mild weather! 
  • This morning, I have an appointment to get refitted for my compression sleeve and glove for my lymphedema in my arm.  I am not super excited about it, but you have to replace them once a year, so it is about that time.
  • I have been reading through the Chronological One Year Bible and have been a little behind for several reasons and so I have been trying read a few days in one sitting for the last week or so.  I am in the gospels right now and am enjoying it so much. Maybe it is because I love to read how Jesus interacted with people, how people responded to Him, what His disciples said, and I also think it is because I often find myself wondering how I would have responded to Him--would I have believed like those that He healed? or would I have been more on the side of the Pharisees?  I am sure that two books (Crazy Love and Blue Like Jazz) that I have been reading recently have been affecting my thoughts and making me consider where I am in my spiritual journey.  My Thursday morning ladies group is reading Crazy Love together and it has been so good.  My friend Melissa let me borrow the other book and to be honest, when I started it, I wasn't really into it, I didn't like it very much and was actually contemplating quitting reading it.  But....simply because I was in the airport with nothing else to read and not wanting to spend money on a new book, I persevered and decided that I really DID like it quite a bit.  It made me uncomfortable and challenged my thoughts and beliefs and although I don't agree with everything that he said, it was definitely a good book and a very interesting glimpse into someone's pursuit of God.  So,  all of that to say,  if you are reading it and haven't decided whether or not to finish it, read it through to the end, you will be glad that you did.  
Okay, well, I maybe should have just gone the paragraph route because that last bullet point is pretty long, but I am too lazy now to go back and change it.  I had better get going for the day.  I am kind of excited to try out my GPS today, even though I already know where I am going!  Maybe tomorrow, I will have some pictures for you.


You always encourage me. You cannot know how much I needed it today, either. Bless you for letting God use you today.
joelsgirl said…
I JUST started reading the Bible chronologically. I like to think getting a head start on 2010 gives me a better shot at finishing. ;) But I keep finding these inconsistencies that really bother me. Like the second time Abraham lied about Sarah being his sister, she had already laughed at God for saying she would have a child because she was so old; was she really THAT hot?! I look forward to getting to the NT for sure. I know that the OT points us to Him and establishes mankind's need for redemption, but my own heart does that too, sadly.
Anonymous said…
I started Crazy Love this week, and was thinking about not finishing it; I'll stick with it...thanks for the encouraging me to keep going. Love you!!! Mom

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