Sick little boys....

.....equals lots of scrapping pages for me!   Okay, so before you think that I am not the greatest mom ever, let me say that they weren't bad sick, basically they just had the cough/drainage business that I had and so we spent lots of time watching movies and 'resting'--that coupled with the fact that Micah has a test tomorrow, I got to spend quite a bit of time scrapping which was great fun for me.

I spent Friday cleaning the house and doing some work stuff, and Saturday was literally spent staying in all day.  The boys are doing some better today, but we decided to keep them in today to give them another day to try to beat this yucky bug that is going around and seems to linger.  Micah stayed home with them this morning and let me go to church and then we had some friends who came over and ate a quick lunch with us before Micah went back to studying and the boys took a nap.

And now that I am completely bored with myself after writing this post, I am just going to post it and maybe I will be more inspired tomorrow!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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