Thanksgiving Post on Black Friday

Well, I am about to let Black Friday go by without even having a Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition post.  This has been a strange year for me for the holiday.  For some reason, I have just really struggled with it feeling like it was Thanksgiving,  we had a good day yesterday at Micah's parents' house and I have a super long list of things to be thankful for, but I have just been struggling with missing being with my family and basically kind of feeling sorry for myself and so this evening, I determined to have a little talk with myself and remind myself that just because I didn't feel like it was Thanksgiving didn't mean that I didn't need to take the time to sit back and list my blessings.  For the last couple of weeks, we have been asking the boys what they are thankful for before we go to bed and so tonight I told them that I was going to put on my blog what they were thankful for.  William is thankful for his Batman car and Superman and Xavier is thankful for his Green Lantern.  At least we know where their hearts are--right with their superheroes! :)

I think for the first time since he started school,  Micah spent an entire day yesterday without studying at all. I was very proud of him, because I know that he was tempted to break out the books, but he resisted the urge and just enjoyed his family and lots of good food and was back hard at work today...spending like 8 hours in the lab getting to know the inside of his cadaver's leg and face--aren't you glad that you know that?

For the first time in a couple of years, I skipped Black Friday this least the going out to the stores before the crack of dawn and getting to be close personal friends with 50 million people.  I have actually gotten a large majority of our Christmas shopping done already and Micah needed to go to school and I really just wasn't feeling the urge to go to the store in the middle of the night.  Old Navy here in our little town opened at 3 AM--that is the middle of the night!!!  The boys and I enjoyed a very nice cozy pajama day and we watched movies and read books, I did a little bit of paperwork and even scrapped a page this evening.  

Food--just in case you were curious what food I contributed to the feast yesterday.  I made my mom's yeast rolls, Heavenly Cranberries (which I may be eating until the Lord returns, b/c you can only eat it in small quantities and I think that Linda and I are the only ones who like it!), Broccoli Slaw, Roasted Carrots (similar to these), and this absolutely scrumptious chocolate pie.  My sister in law brought this Smores Popcorn which I really loved and plan on making part of my holiday goody making this year.

I do have a list of things for which I am extraordinarily grateful for this year.  And when I stop to think about them, I am embarrassed to say that I wasn't feeling thankful  because I have SO much to be thankful for, so here is my list of things that make my life especially sweet:

  • my Lord, my Saviour, my Father
  • my salvation
  • my sweet, adoring husband,
  • my affectionate Xavier
  • my sweet William
  • a really wonderful family who I count among my dearest friends
  • some really precious friendships
  • God's Word
  • our house
  • food on our table
  • bills that are paid
  • a job
  • Micah is almost done with 1 semester of med school
  • health
  • healthcare
  • all of my needs and so many of my wants that are supplied
  • ...and because this is where I am headed--my bed that has been more comfortable these past few weeks than it has ever been! :)
Thank You, Father, for these and so many blessings through the year.  You have been extraordinarily good to us.  May we always recognize and honor You with these gifts!


Anonymous said…
Becky, all are sweet, but guess you can guess which is my favorite!

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