Christmas Recap Final Installment

Well, if you are still with me in the Christmas recap, you just might deserve a medal.   I know that it has been long, and honestly, I don’t expect that anyone is hanging on my every word about our Christmas holiday, but this blog is as much about helping me to remember our life as it is about sharing with friends and family.  The day after Christmas, mom and dad watched the boys and Melissa, Brian, Micah and I met up with our brother and had lunch and visited the mall long enough to get our fill of the crowds and to pick up some Whitey’s Ice Cream which is a tradition in that area of the country (okay, I have to confess that I had originally typed out 'neck of the woods', but scratched it because it sounded downright hickish, but then it kind of cracked me up!).  That night, the kids cooked for mom and dad to celebrate my dad finishing up his master’s degree.  We are all very proud of him and wanted to recognize what an accomplishment that it is.

Sunday morning, we woke up to lots of snow and more coming and ended up staying home from church rather than risk the crazy roads.  Apparently, Melissa and I have lived in the south too long because we were the scared ones in the family.  After lunch, the sun came out and we bundled up the kids and went outside to have some fun in the snow and do a bit of sledding .  The kids all had the best time and although they were really cold when we came in, there had so much fun and would have loved to have played longer if it hadn't been so cold outside.

We really missed having my other sister and her husband with us, but it was just a really great time together.  I am always so thankful for my family and the laughter  and good conversation that we always share when we are together. I am thankful for the many good conversations about life, faith, parenting, cooking, scrapbooking and anything and everything in between.  I am blessed and I know it.

The boys and Camden played in my parents basement as long and as often as we would let them.  They have such a good time together, laughing, pretending, occasionally fighting, but always having a good time and I LOVE that.  Rory jumped in as she could and when she wasn’t doing that, she was hitting up every adult asking them to read her a book, and always asking for “just one more.”  

And have I mentioned the food? Because there was a LOT of it and since we have now concluded for the most part Holiday Eating 2009, it is time for Get Back in Shape 2010 edition.

As I have time, I will post pictures from the event, and I promise there will be a lot and my sister will be sure to post some as well.


I, for one, have enjoyed reading about your holiday and looking at the pictures. I love family get togethers and yours looked like a great one.
listgirl said…
Hi Becky! I read through your whole Christmas recap and loved it. Sounded like a great holiday season with family, even though things didn't go as you had planned. I've been doing Holiday Eating as well as Vacation Eating in Hawaii, so I will enter Sensible Eating & Exercise soon!

Oh I wanted to tell you that Todd made an order with Penzeys a few days ago and we can't wait to get the spices!

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