Christmas Recap Vol 1

I thought that I would do the recap of our  Christmas visit  in a couple of installments.  So, you already know about our cancelled New York trip and honestly, I spent the first few days after we cancelled it wondering why in the world it was cancelled.  I know in my head that ‘all things work for good’ and I know that we can’t always know or see why.  Sometimes because of so many things that have happened in our life where our disappointment with current circumstances has later proven to be God’s provision and care for us, in light of those memories/thoughts, my mind immediately went to ‘why is this happening? Is my cancer back and that is why we weren’t able to go?’  and those were the thoughts that were clouding my mind and echoing often for the first few days.  Now, a week later typing them out, I realize how crazy it was and self centered to think that basically God  caused a snowstorm to wreak havoc across the east,  causing 1200 flight cancellations, and probably ruining thousands of people’s holiday plans—all of that JUST so that I wouldn’t have a silly little outpatient surgery since my cancer is back????!?  Yes, I know that I am insane.

So, in those few days, we enjoyed going to church with my parents, we watched some movies, Micah took several naps, and I loved sitting and visiting with my mom and dad, going shopping for deals, cooking, laughing lots, and basically having no responsibilities.  

I do think that the boys were pretty disappointed when we didn’t leave them with Grandma and Grandpa as planned, but it was made up for by the fact that cousins Camden and Rory came a day early.  More tales of adventures with the cousins in the next installment.

Here is Xavier on his way to the feed store with PaPa--he was quite excited although I am pretty sure that it took much longer for Dad to take him along and it was a sweet outing for him.


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