Christmas Recap Vol 2 Baking Day

I don’t know if our family is unusual, it seems perfectly normal to me since it is how I grew up, but Christmas always means sweets and lots of them.  We would always make different candies and cookies and make platters to share with neighbors and friends.  Over the years,  Melissa and I have taken on these traditions as well--baking some of the same things that we grew up with as well as adding in our new favorites.  So, when we all get together for Christmas,  there is always an abundance (or excess, although I prefer abundance because it doesn’t sound so bad) of good eating to be done.  This year was no exception, except we had decided that we would do some of our Christmas preparations together.  I don’t think that we had really planned on spending the entire day baking and cooking, but that is what happened last Tuesday.  First, I had brought the ingredients to make Smores Popcorn Balls since they are really best when they are fresh.  Then we decided to go ahead and get the Oreo Balls out of the way (which seriously, if you have not had them, you need to stop whatever you are doing and go get the stuff to make them, because literally they are heaven on earth, right there in your mouth!).  Next, mom worked on mixing up her sugar cookie dough which is somewhat legendary in our family.  While she did that, the rest of us worked on making homemade pizza for  supper.  Micah cooked the bacon and slaved over a homemade bacon vinaigrette for the salad. I mixed up the dough and made the sauce. The cookie dough had to be refrigerated for a bit and then was brought out to be rolled out and cut into Christmas shapes and baked.  Melissa, mom, and I all worked on rolling out the dough on the pans.  While the pizzas were baking, Melissa mixed up the batter for the birthday cake for Jesus that we were making.  It was this recipe and it was divine.  After supper, Melissa and I made a triple batch of Party Mix (this is what we called homemade chex mix growing up) and mom made icing for the cookies and then we let the kids help decorate the cookies and sample the goods.  I think we collapsed that night and watched Julie and Julia and I was completely inspired to get Julia Child’s cookbook and learn how to cook gourmet style.  And by the end of that movie, I was ready to never hear Meryl Streep’s shrill impression of Julia Child’s voice again!


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