Christmas Recap Vol 3 Christmas Eve

We woke up on Christmas Eve and Brian had decided to take all four kids to the McDonalds playland to get them out of the house.  He wrote a poem and I think posted a video about it on his blog here.  Bless his heart, I think he might be a saint and certainly earned another jewel in his crown for that little venture.  When they all left, Melissa, Mom and I got cups of coffee and just basked in the silence of a house at 9:00 in the morning with no children.  Then, we needed to get busy making the icing for Jesus’ birthday cake and making potato soup for lunch.  Brian and the kids got back around eleven and we had lunch, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and talked with the kids about what we were going to be doing the next day.  We had decided that as a family we wanted to do something together to honor Christ’s birth and had decided that we would make little bags of party mix and cookies tied with ribbons to a nursing home to distribute to those who were unable to join their families for the holiday or perhaps didn’t have any family.  So, that afternoon, we all worked together getting baskets readied with the goodies that we had prepared.  That night we all went together to my parents’ church for the Christmas Eve service.  We were a little worried about the boys because they are just not used to sitting in church, but I was very proud of them for being so good.  They sang along to the Christmas songs and listened intently to the Christmas story being read, ooh-ing and ah-ing  when they recognized the different parts of the story.  Then, we celebrated the Lord’s Supper which is always just a beautiful reminder to me of how we are to proclaim the Lord’s death and resurrection.  On the way out, I told Xavier I was very proud of how well behaved he was and said, ‘oh yeah, I loved that movie!’  There was a baptism and we couldn’t see the baptistery, but only the screen…thus, the ‘movie.’  When we got home, we put the kids in bed and the adults enjoyed a buffet of appetizer goodness:  Spinach Hummus (you can find a similar recipe here except I also add some garam masala from Penzeys, where else?) , Neiman Marcus Dip, deer sausage with cheese and crackers, cream cheese and pepper jelly on crackers, and little deer ka-bobs wrapped in bacon.  It was yummy, I have to admit!  Then, we played Apples to Apples, made cinnamon rolls and went to bed.


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