Christmas Recap Vol 4 Christmas Day

We woke up Christmas morning and ate cinnamon rolls that, thanks to me, were almost ‘drinkable’ in the words of my brother-in-law.  Not really, the edges were done, it was just that there was a lot of dough and unfortunately, we were not patient enough and the centers of quite a few were really dough (or raw, however you want to put it).  Everyone still seemed to enjoy them okay though.  Then, we moved to the living room where it was time to read the Christmas story before exchanging gifts.  This is something that my parents always did with us growing up and although the kids are so excited and maybe not really listening, I love the reminder and tradition of doing it and remembering that we celebrate and exchange gifts because of the great gift of God’s Son Jesus Christ.  The boys and their cousins had a great time opening and exclaiming over their presents and I managed to get some great shots of them enjoying their new things.  Again, there is a video here.  Xavier’s reaction to his presents this year has been “oh my gawsh!!”  which really is not my favorite thing for him to say and we have been working on it when we are not opening presents but literally the first time I heard him say it was when we opened presents with Micah’s parents a couple of weeks ago and I have rarely heard it except when he is in the moment of opening presents and so it is a bit difficult to reprimand him then.  And it doesn’t help that he really says it in a rather cute manner.  Brian captured his ‘potty mouth’  on that video too.  William was thrilled with his football (pronounced fut-bol) from his Aunt Liz and Uncle Michael—he has been asking me for one for several months now, so I know he was happy.

After a light lunch, we headed in to town to the nursing home to deliver our goodies.  I was very proud of the kids, they all did a great job of being polite and handing out the bags.  I wasn’t super worried about them, because in general they are all really good kids, but I also know that they don’t come in to contact with people in nursing homes very often and it could be a little scary for them.  They were so big and said Merry Christmas and just charmed the socks off of everyone they came into contact with.  It was such a simple thing and it brought such joy to those we met.  I hope that I can do this more often with my boys in this coming year.

We kind of rushed our visit a bit because it was starting to snow quite a bit and get very frigid outside, but we made it home safely for  a family ping pong tournement and a traditional turkey dinner and ended the day with the latest Harry Potter film.

Here are some fun pictures from our day:


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